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Curve Led Screen

Zoom Visual offers a wide array of LED display screens, Digital Touch Screen & Outdoor Video Wall in Singapore & also provide digital signage with QR code.

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Curve Led Screen

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  1. Zoom Visual Zoom Visual Zoom Visual is Singapore’s premier LED advertising display board service provider. Founded by an accomplished and experienced team with more than 15 years of expertise in the advertising and Infocomm Technology industry, we focus on helping you achieve optimal results for your marketing or branding campaigns. Our driving force is the desire to supply you with the most creative and reliable LED advertising display solutions available in the market. Scouring the world for the best and most advanced technology in LED advertising display boards, we have established strong partnerships with some of the leading LED advertising display screen board manufacturers and suppliers in the region. We bring you the best and

  2. leading-edge technology that ensures your brand gets the maximum exposure and attention in any advertising and retail space. Our wide array of products includes both indoor and outdoor LED advertising boards such as Indoor LED Screen Display, Outdoor LED Screen Display, Transparent LED Screen Display, Curve & Flexi LED Screen Display, LED Digital Signage, LED Curtain Screen Display, LED Netting Screen Display, LED Poster Screen Display and many more. Versatile, practical yet highly cost effective, our products are used in a wide variety of marketing or branding applications. From indoor and

  3. outdoor events, exhibitions, concerts, cinemas, fashion shows to retail advertising, our range of LED light display advertising boards are suitable for any occasions or campaigns. CURVE & FLEXI LED SCREEN DISPLAY BOARDS: One of the latest products in the market, flexible LED screens are high-resolution, bendable LED screen display boards that allow you to twist and turn your screens into curved shapes and integrate them into your overall interior design. Lightweight and easy to install, these modular, small- unit and flexibly-designed screens can achieve curved shapes such as convex, concave and even more complicated shapes. The small-unit modules are shipped and assembled directly at the venue, thereby saving you time and effort. The magnetic connection also makes it easy to replace, disassemble and reassemble at a different venue. Bendable Features: The bendable feature on our curve and flexi LED allows your LED display screen to be able to wrap up in many shapes and design. This evolved trend on LED screen will definitely catch the highest attention on shoppers and passer-by. Low Pixel Pitch: The pixel pitch of our Curve LED Screen and Flexi LED range from 10mm to as low as 4mm. Even with it irregular shape, It will still provide high RES commercial and branding advertisement for your audience. Magnetic Mechanism: It magnetic mechanism allows the installation and maintenance works for the LED scree to be quick, simple and easy which saved a lot on your cost and time. LED Interactive Smart Boards: Promoting Dynamic Business Discussions

  4. In the fastest growing world of businesses and corporations, effective tools in conducting meetings as well as interactive discussions have become a high priority. Traditionally smart boards have been used for centuries because of its practicality and effectiveness. Nowadays, in an age when advanced technology is what makes any company stand out, a lot of industries have developed a way to combine the intelligence of computers, beauty of LED screens and the use of smart boards to come up with a magnificent tool. Hence, the so called LED Interactive Smart Board for Business was introduced in the market. LED Interactive Smart Board is like a combined computer device and projector that can function on its own and display files and documents

  5. in high-definition screen with just a touch or point of a finger. They are in various set ups depending on how you intend to use it in performing or achieving a given task. In short, it is an advanced tool that every business or company would want to acquire and immediately install in their office or designated conference rooms. What are the benefits of using LED Interactive Smart Board? Since communication and coordination is constantly important in any business organization, LED Interactive whiteboard Singapore is very useful in presentations, trainings, discussions and workshops that reflect a need to share ideas and involvement of the audience and speaker. LED Interactive Smart Boards are also handy tools in taking notes and in display of complex diagrams. There are a thousand reasons why your investment in acquiring LED Interactive Smart board for Business is worth the price, but here are the outstanding ones: Stress-free installation – you can easily install LED Interactive Smart Board to almost anywhere like meeting rooms, classrooms, board rooms and mount in on wall or support with floor stand. As long as a steady support or stand can be attached to it, it may also be used indoor or outdoor with less worry. Even if it is high technology, it is easy to set up because it comes with a user manual. User friendly – the process of operating and controlling the led interactive whiteboard system comes with just simple steps yet it is so effective and can easily be handled by people of different background and ages. Even during discussions and with a lot of

  6. ideas and information that is coming from the participants, you are assured that all data and notes will be captured accurately. Dynamic Design – LED Interactive Smart Board was designed in such a way that users could in real time manipulate, cancel, copy, edit, zoom, add, remove and record files with great comfort making it a more lively and exciting experience among users. Where can I buy it? Zoom Visual Pte Ltd is the leading LED Interactive smart board service provider and supplier from Singapore making sure they have everything you need with the aid of latest research and technology. For More Info: Visit Here ->> https://zoomvisual.com.sg/ https://zoomvisual.com.sg/

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