a selection of animated slides to introduce the plantowin process the plantowin group ltd n.
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A selection of animated slides to introduce The PLANtoWIN™ Process The PLANtoWIN Group Ltd PowerPoint Presentation
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A selection of animated slides to introduce The PLANtoWIN™ Process The PLANtoWIN Group Ltd

A selection of animated slides to introduce The PLANtoWIN™ Process The PLANtoWIN Group Ltd

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A selection of animated slides to introduce The PLANtoWIN™ Process The PLANtoWIN Group Ltd

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  1. A selection of animated slidesto introduceThe PLANtoWIN™ Process The PLANtoWIN Group Ltd

  2. Developed PLANtoWIN™, a unique proven PROCESS for managing Customer Decisions and creating Win-Win. • Challenging conventional B2B marketing practice - using this process with clients to guide, enable, control, and increase their probability of winning. WIN Taking Control rather than leaving to chance 75% Average Win-Ratio • Getting dramatic results – achieving an average win ratio of 75% when we facilitate the process with our Clients. 75% The PLANtoWIN Group Helping Organisations Win Better Business • International management consultancy - helping corporate clients Win - large accounts, major business, strong market positions.

  3. Improving Strategic Business Development What do you want? • Have the best chance of securing critical business • Achieve more ambitious targets • Increase win-rates and profitability • Increase control and reduce uncertainty • Develop more effective collaboration with customers • Improve team-effectiveness and real customer focus • Develop capabilities and work more strategically PLANtoWIN™ helps organisations achieves these objectives.

  4. Process • Robust route-map • Clear Standards • Technical excellence • User-friendly & Insightful • People • Skills • Experience • Attitude Capabilities for Success • Culture • Customer focus • Effective Team-working • Goal orientation • Responsibility, Creativity etc. World-Class Business Development 3 Dimensions of Success for Winning business

  5. Relatively large and important decisions, often with a high monetary value. • Multiple people involved in making the decision, fulfilling different roles. • A decision-making process which is complicated and may take a long time. • Other complexities (e.g. political, geographic, technical, etc) which increase the number of issues. Influencing Complex Decisions PLANtoWIN™ is used to influence external organisations making Complex Decisions. Complex Decisions are characterised by:

  6. “Best Practice” Typical Practice • Rarely use marketing tools • Pragmatic application of marketing theory • Have procedures, but no “process" • A robust and creative end-to-end Process • Little objective analysis • Structured and insightful analysis • Reactive to internal events • Proactive with external / Customer focus • Organisational commitment difficult • Gain Management support & internal alignment • Driven by internal needs / perspectives • External (customer) focus driving internal actions • Don’t know key people, process, etc • Learn what needs to be known and then discover • Resource and buy-in problems • Cross-functional team commitment to actions • The same messages to all customers • Targeted communications that have impact • Much left to chance – unknowingly • Understanding risks and controlling variables • “Within the heads” of a few people • Shared and documented living Plan • Actions disconnected from strategy • Actions achieve the strategy (a road map) B2B development – Generating & Winning business Variable and unreliable Controlled and reliableMore wins, sustainable business, improved profitability & strategic position.

  7. P L A Nt o W I NP r o c e s s PLANtoWIN™ a best-practice process A “best-in-class” framework to implement business strategy and action plans right through to winning conclusions – time after time after……..! • Route map. • Strategy & Actions • Creative • Commitment • Achieve objectives • Satisfy expectations • Beat competition • Get Success! • Robust Stages • Repeatable & Reliable • Easy and effective • Measurable / standards • Focuses resources

  8. The interface Managing the customer interface Our: People, Resources, Capabilities. (behaviour) Customer: Vision, Strategy, Objectives. (Decisions) PLANtoWIN™ - a proactive way to engage with customers • Focusing on key customer decisions • Rationalising and dynamically managing the interface • Orchestrating team-work to follow strategy and tactics • Making it effective and achieving objectives.

  9. Achieve WIN Preparation The PLANtoWIN™ Process Manage, adapt & persist Situation Analysis Implementing a PLANtoWIN™ Implementation Win-Strategy Formulation Developing a PLANtoWIN™ Actions, Responsibilities,Timing A PLANtoWIN Team Action Programme Agree need for Win-Strategy

  10. WORKSHOPS Analyse Situation Prepare Formulate Strategy Review Strategy Monitor Progress WIN! Develop your PLANtoWIN™ Implement your PLANtoWIN™ Introducing PLANtoWIN™ with a single project Team Action Programme - “Learning while winning” • Analysis & strategy formulation • Team learning “on the job” • Expert facilitation • Cross-functional involvement • Effective implementation • Goal focused activity • Alignment of energies • Team control and communications A Best Practice Process enabled by powerful Software

  11. More Wins • Timely implementation • Higher value of Wins • Team Productivity • Lower Cost of Wins Profitability • Better customer focus • More effective team-working • Achievement orientation • Learning while Winning • Responsibility & Ownership • More strategic wins • Co-ordinated strategic plans • High quality strategies • Higher Win Rates Culture Strategic Position Capabilities • Optimised use of resources • Cost effective implementation • Process & System Integration • Practical Leadership tool The IMPACT of PLANtoWIN™ IMPROVED BUSINESS

  12. What people say about PLANtoWIN “Gives leadership a tool to make real change” “Massively increases our probability of winning” “Allows us to effectively tackle the really big hairy projects” “shows us what we need to do to Win” “Helps us make time to be strategic together” “Gave us an enduring mindset change” “Lets us follow ideas through to actions and achievement” “A best-practice, structured, robust process for winning” “Allows experts to contribute to customer plans” “Produces a scary action list, but when we follow through we win!” “Shows us the big picture and lets us drill-down to key issues” “Builds the team, partnership and company culture” “Documents the Plan and actions for the team to progress” “Unearths important things you didn’t know were important”

  13. Innovative IT avoids extra resources or hassles Guaranteed Security 24/7 & 100% uptime Web-based system for worldwide access Advanced system setting new standards for B2B marketing Easy to use best-practice B2B marketing Performance Management system guides results Very fast & easy to use, alone or together Effective team-working of extended teams Immediate visibility of detailed PLANs and progress The additional power of PLANtoWIN™Web tools

  14. Setting new standards for B2B development 75% Average Win-Ratio Energises leaders & their teams Tools that make complexity manageable Customer focused and action oriented  Transforms win rates and positioning Practical application of best practice marketing The PLANtoWINGroup Ltd Helping Organisations Win Better Business Head Office / U.K.: +44 (0)121 445 6848 Benelux / Germany: +49 (2822) 537112 Nordic / Denmark: +45 4673 3570