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  1. 2012 Varsity Girls Results SATURDAY NIGHT LIGHTS August 24 Where: Texas Bank Sports Complex 706 S Bell Street San Angelo, TX. Schedule: 6:00 PM – Registration/ packet Pick up 7:00 PM Rolling Schedule Fun Run 1 mile/2 mile JV girls – 2 miles JV boys – 2 miles Varsity Girls – 2 miles Varsity Boys – 2 miles Awards – immediately following final race Awards: 1st place team- Varsity and JV Runner Up team – varsity only Top 10 medals-all divisions Hosted by San Angelo Central High School 2012 Girls Team Results Brownwood Del Rio Bushland 2012 Boys Team Results Del Rio SA Central Midland 2012 Varsity Boys Results “Only one person and one person only will determinehow good of a runner you become...You will become as good as you let yourself be.That one person is you.” 2013 Place ________ Time __________ Team Finish ________

  2. 2012 Varsity Girls Results: 1 12.24 Villareal Jackie Hamlin 2 12.52 Eaton Aspen Jim Ned 3 13.08 Harral Lauren Ballinger 4 13.13 Crawford Sarah Jim Ned 5 13.16 Stevenson Mandy Hamlin 6 13.24 Brashear Tristen Clyde 7 13.25 Matschek Brylee Ballinger 8 13.28 Kieschnick Cassie Hamlin 9 13.33 Coffman Jennah Jim Ned 10 13.35 McGowen Kaitlin Clyde 11 13.45 Hernandez Gabrielle Ballinger 12 13.46 Branch Maggie Jim Ned 13 13.49 Grahan Lisset Clyde 14 13.52 Brashear Laken Clyde 15 13.53 Bowman Taylor Ballinger EULA INVITATIONAL September 3 2012 Team Result Ballinger Clyde Hamlin Location: Eula ISD Parking: Eula MS & HS Parking Lot Divisions: Starting at 4:00 PM, rolling schedule….last race over by at least 6:30 PM. 4:00 7th Girls 4:20 8th Girls 4:40 JH Boys 5:00 JV Girls 5:25 Varsity Girls 5:50 Varsity Boys Distance: Junior High Boys / Girls: 1.2 miles JV/Varsity Girls: 2 miles Varsity Boys: 3 miles Awards: Medals for top 15 finishers in Varsity and top ten in each other division. Team plaques for each Division champions. 2012 Varsity Boys Results: 1 17.52 Biddle Tyler Jim Ned 2 19.38 Hall Sheldon Highland 3 19.39 Chnielewski Eric Jim Ned 4 19.47 Reyna Logan Ballinger 5 19.52 Bluhm Garrison Jim Ned 6 20.03 Flatt Channing Merkel 7 20.10 Davis Jeff Ballinger 8 20.12 Lawrence Aubrey Rising Star 9 21.19 Florida DylanEula 10 21.29 Tabor Quinten Graford 11 21.50 Lopez Dakota Clyde 12 21.59 Cook Reese Jim Ned 13 22.02 Barton Austin Jim Ned 14 22.28 Stark Ricky Eula 15 22.43 Turner Matthew Jim Ned 2012 Team Result Jim Ned Ballinger Eula 2013 Place ________ Time __________ Team Finish ________ "Running is the greatest metaphor for life,because you get out of it what you put into it."

  3. 2012 Varsity Girls Results 1 Siegert, Macey Seymour 11:52.49 1 2 Villarreal, Jacqueline Hamlin 12:12.20 2 3 Jalomo, Olivia Quanah 12:14.13 3 4 Anderson, Kristen Holliday 12:33.03 4 5 Thomas, Shelby Clyde 12:43.87 5 6 McGowen, Kaitlin Clyde 12:44.33 6 7 Carrion, Isabel Roby 12:51.70 7 8 Salinas, Janie Munday 12:53.65 8 9 Stevens, Kacy Holliday 12:54.90 9 10 Flores, Alicia Hamlin 12:58.89 10 11 Slaggle, Maggie Seymour 13:00.13 11 12 Stevenson, Mandy Hamlin 13:02.44 12 13 Beaver, Brittney Trent 13:05.10 13 14 Norton, Kami Albany 13:07.44 14 15 Dillon, Mikayla Hamlin 13:10.27 15 HAMLIN INVITATIONAL September 14 2012 Team Result Hamlin Clyde Holliday Hamlin High School would like to invite your teams to compete in our Cross Country Meet to be held Saturday, September 14. Divisions and Distances Start at 9:00 with a rolling schedule High School boys--3 miles Varsity girls--2 miles JV girls--2 miles Elementary Division--½ mile (any elementary age child) 8th grade girls--2 miles 7th grade girls--2 miles Junior High boys--2 miles Where: Hamlin Country Club FM 2142 Awards: Team trophy in each division and individual medals to top 15. 2012 Varsity Boys Results 1 Biddle, Tyler Tuscola Jim Ned 16:12.71 1 2 Reyna, Logan Ballinger 17:13.01 2 3 Silva, R.J. Snyder 17:25.24 3 4 Lopez, Dakota Clyde 17:30.36 4 5 McDonald, James Albany 17:37.91 5 6 Bluhm, Garrison Tuscola Jim Ned 17:45.12 6 7 Estrada, Gus Haskell 17:52.20 7 8 Thompson, Clayton Hawley 17:55.86 8 9 Nava, Jacob Anson 17:57.54 9 10 Harrell, Timothy Holliday 18:00.43 10 11 Richard, Brian Trent 18:01.38 11 12 Larson, Chase Holliday 18:01.75 12 13 Martinez, EJ Haskell 18:04.62 13 14 Hall, Sheldon Roscoe Highland 18:05.62 14 15 Barton, Austin Tuscola Jim Ned 18:08.80 15 2012 Team Result Jim Ned Holliday Haskell “When you put yourself on the line in a race andexpose yourself to the unknown, you learn thingsabout yourself that are very exciting.” --Doris Brown Heritage 5 Time World cross country champion 2013 Place ________ Time __________ Team Finish ________

  4. Girls Team Results: Comanche, 2. Goldthwaite, 3.Zephyr COMANCHE INVITATIONAL September 25 2012 Girls Results Course:Junior high boys and girls, JV girls, and Varsity girls will run a 2 mile course. JV and Varsity boys will run a 3 mile course. Location: Comanche High SchoolHWY 16 North, Comanche, TX 76442 Schedule: 4:00 - 7th Girls 4:30 - 8th Girls 5:00 – 7th and 8th Boys 5:30 – JV Girls 6:00 – Varsity Girls 6:30 – HS Boys (Separate JV and V if enough entries) Boys Team Results: Comanche, 2. Eastland, 3.Zephyr 2012 Boys Results The real purpose of running isn't to win a race; it's to test the limits of the human heart. - Bill Bowerman 2013 Place ________ Time __________ Team Finish ________

  5. ANSON INVITATIONAL October 2 Girls’ Team Results Hamlin Haskell Eula Site: Anson Golf Club Distances: 3 miles- High School Boys 2 miles- High School Girls, Junior High Boys, Junior High Girls Race Times: 3:00-3:45 Check in 4:00pm High School Girls 4:30pm High School Boys 5:00pm 7th grade Girls 5:30pm 8th grade Girls 6:00pm Junior High Boys There is not a JV division for this meet but you can run as many in a division as needed. Awards: Top 10 in each division will receive a medal and the championship team will receive a plaque. 2012 Varsity Girls Results Boys’ Team Results Jim Ned Haskell Anson 2012 Varsity Boys Results I tell our runners to divide the race into thirds. Run the first part with your head, the middle part with your personality, and the last part with your heart. - Mike Fanelli 2013 Place ________ Time __________ Team Finish ________

  6. CISCO INVITATIONAL October 9 Cisco did not host this meet last year. . . . . Below is our performance list for 2012. We would like to invite you and your team to attend our cross country meet which will be held at Cisco High School. Schedule: 4:00pm JV Girls--2 miles Varsity Girls--2 miles JV Boys--3 miles Varsity Boys--3 miles 7th Girls--2 miles 8th Girls--2 miles 7th Boys--2 miles 8th Boys--2 miles • HS Divisions could run together if the numbers are low, but will be medaled separately. Awards: Medals to top 10 individuals in each division Team Plaques for Champion of each division I ran and ran every day, and I acquired a sense of determination, this sense of spirit that I would never, never, give up, no matter what else happened. - Wilma Rudolph 2013 Place ________ Time __________ Team Finish ________

  7. “THRILL OF THE HILL” INVITATIONAL October 16 Did not host this meet last year LOCATION: Stephenville City Park  COURSE: Division I Girls- 3 miles Division II Girls- 2 miles JV Girls- 2 miles JV Boys-3 Miles Varsity Boys-3 miles AWARDS: Plaques for the first place team and medals for the top 10 individuals in each race will be awarded. MEET SCHEDULE:(rolling schedule) 10:00 Division I Varsity Girls 10:30 Division II Varsity Girls 11:00 Varsity Boys 11:30 JV Girls 12:00 JV Boys "A winner is someone who sets their goals, commits themselves to those goals and then pursues their goals with all the ability that is given to them. That requires someone who believes in themselves, who will make self sacrifices, work hard, and maintain the determination to perform at the best of their ability."-C. Leeman Bennett

  8. 2012 Boys Results 2012 Girls Results DISTRICT 7-2A CHAMPIONSHIPS October 23 @ Cisco High School Schedule TBA 2012 Girls Team Results Comanche Clyde Merkel 2012 Boys Team Results Breckenridge Comanche Eastland **The top 3 teams at the District meet advance to the Region 1-2A Championships in Lubbock. The top 10 individuals advance as well.** 2013 Place ________ Time __________ Team Finish ________

  9. UIL REGION I CHAMPIONSHIPS @ Lubbock’s Mae Simmons Park November 2 Hosted by Texas Tech 2012 Boys Results 2012 Girls Results Girls Team Results 1. Bushland 2. Comanche 3. Ballinger Boys Team Results 1. Boys Ranch 2. Kermit 3. Bushland 2013 Place ________ Time __________ Team Finish ________


  11. How To Watch Cross Country Each race has a map of the course. Upon arriving, use your map to get the best vantage point for the races. Most courses are set up so that the athletes go by the start or finish area several times. These are often the best places to observe without running a couple of miles yourself. You, however, are free to move about from point to point. Be sure to stay well off the runner’s path. We will inform your child of the start time of their race. Don’t be late!! If you arrive 20 minutes late, you may miss their whole race. Do not expect the attention of your son or daughter before the race. They are expected to warm up and prepare for the race ahead. At the conclusion of their race, you can often greet them after they go through the finish chute. They may however have been given a place card. These often must be given to the coach ASAP. Please remind them to do this right away. Be prepared to see a tired child after the race. Many have rubbery legs, glassy eyes, or feel sick. For most, this soon goes away. Each runner is expected to cool down. Please insist they do this. This is probably more important than the warm-up. It simply can’t be skipped. We also expect them to support their teammates who are yet to race. Although we can’t race varsity and JV together in invitationals, we are still one team, and expect to support each other. If we are racing out of town, we cannot let team members ride home with anybody without your permission. Please inform a coach if they will not be riding home with the team.

  12. How to cheer for your cross country runner. . . . . The Essence of Running Running is a road to self-awareness and reliance …you can push yourself to extremes and learn the harshreality of your physical and mental limitations or coastquietly down a solitary path watching the earth spinbeneath your feet.But when you are through, exhilarated and exhausted,at least for a moment everything seems right with the world…