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HSA Furry Faces Photo Contest Winners

HSA Furry Faces Photo Contest Winners. Oreo – His Master’s Voice. Pet Photo Contest Winner. Pugsley – Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing. Pet Photo Contest Winner. Sadie – I just love Victoria Secret’s Semi-Annual clearance sale!. Pet Photo Contest Winner.

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HSA Furry Faces Photo Contest Winners

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  1. HSA Furry Faces Photo Contest Winners

  2. Oreo – His Master’s Voice Pet Photo Contest Winner

  3. Pugsley – Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing Pet Photo Contest Winner

  4. Sadie – I just love Victoria Secret’s Semi-Annual clearance sale! Pet Photo Contest Winner

  5. Wicket Hill – Sometimes I sit and ponder, and sometimes I just sit. Pet Photo Contest Winner

  6. Dolche Pet Photo Contest Winner

  7. Pet Photo Contest Winner Sammy - My Sweet Ass

  8. Buddy Pet Photo Contest Winner

  9. Wolfie and Molly – Fall Fun Pet Photo Contest Winner

  10. Winston the Beach Bum Pet Photo Contest Winner

  11. Jack Daniels Pet Photo Contest Winner

  12. Pete – “Keep me off the couch…HA!!!” Pet Photo Contest Winner

  13. Pepe - Caught in the act…. Pet Photo Contest Winner

  14. HSA Furry Faces Photo Contest Honorable Mentions A special thanks to all of the Furry Faces Photo Contest Entrants and to all who came out to vote!

  15. Andy Andy Alex Cuddling Kittens Annie Autumn and Lucy Backyard Visitor

  16. Beatrice Just One Kiss!!!! Being Nosey Beaners & Wiggy Bernie & Jinx Bernie Bella My personal trainer is making me Dog Tired Did I do something wrong?

  17. Best Friends since the Beginning! Bradey’s Spa Day I want to go! Biggie Bernie & Jinx Napping….

  18. Buster & Chuck Brown Buster & Lance Calilily Spooning…. This is the life! He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother Life is so hard…. Calliope Blue Dex Hanging out with Lemurs CAT the kitten

  19. Can you find the real Mr. Hedgehog? Which way to the beach? Carli You missed my lips! You can hide your body but you can’t hide those ears

  20. Conan (Rex Rabbit) Conan (Rex Rabbit) Charlie Enzo Cold Feet! Daisy Forbes & Mini Me I swear, I didn’t do it!

  21. Lazy days of summer! Ella tries to tie a bow Emmet’s first photo Dolche with his Michael Jordan like Tongue Shot Nutella Ferd Ada Just five more minutes…. Fashion Forward

  22. Gilda Franklin Furry feet for furry faces…. What? The vet said I should eat healthy! Ms. February Ginger enjoying the Dog Days of Summer Grace Awaiting anchors away! Hey crew I need a refill

  23. Gus Take me home…. Mommy, I’m Home! Hans is ready for Halloween Yes, I hear you! Henry Indy Harriet Santa’s cutest helper!

  24. Izzy Jinx Izzy B. Who me? Jacob being CUTE! Jackson Jake

  25. Jasper You know you want to pet me Jellicle Yo quiero that tortilla chip Jumbee Don’t forget to pack the catnip! Pretty in pink….. You can never have enough straw bags! Jumbee Jumbee

  26. Kali King George King George Kitkat Kitkat Kitkat

  27. Lola the lab poodle… Ok, who threw the snowball Kitkat Maggie Lexi Kitkat Do I look like a RETRIEVER? Cannonball or Swan Dive? To go or to stay… that is the question… Lucy Lucy

  28. Miles Miles Miles Can I come? Saturday Morning…. Wind in your face… Maggie Mae Nugget Waa…Santa didn’t leave me any bones…. Nugget

  29. Mimi with her crooked tongue… Mimi Wishing for summer Oyasuminasai Miranda Miranda Roxie Rager Say Ahhhh… Pudge

  30. Otis wants to learn to ride Joey too! Paradise Pharaoh the Fetcher Catnapping during a study break Paradise Paws Sally Seto is truly “board

  31. Rocky I just love watching the Golden Girls… Shadow SleepySanta Sarah Scrambles….

  32. Six Sleepy It’s mine, all mine!!!! Gustav Coeur

  33. Take me with you to College…. Sophie Rager Still cleaning her up. Thatcher “Sisters” Tangi the Sweetest Angel Yeah, that’s the spot….

  34. Do you want to know a secret? Screened In Tigerlily Taco & Pete – Best Friends ROAR!!!!! Christmas Dog Isabella and Wolfie T-Mart The Royal Dog is bored of his subjects….

  35. Molly & TJ TJ in the lemon tree…. TJ There’s no place like home Wolfgang Amadeus Tobi Toto

  36. Tyrone Tyrone Living the hard life Simon Says….. Traveling Jinx YOGI Weezie the fur Girl

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