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Andy Scott National Knowledge Manager Fuji Xerox Australia PowerPoint Presentation
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Andy Scott National Knowledge Manager Fuji Xerox Australia

Andy Scott National Knowledge Manager Fuji Xerox Australia

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Andy Scott National Knowledge Manager Fuji Xerox Australia

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  1. Andy Scott • National Knowledge Manager • Fuji Xerox Australia

  2. Building Smart Knowledge-Sharing Strategies Andrew C Scott Fuji Xerox Australia

  3. A Significant Statement? Documents Are the Primary Source of History; They Are the Means by Which Later Generations Draw Close to Historical Events and Enter Into the Thoughts, Fears and Hopes of the Past John F Kennedy, January 19th 1963

  4. Senior Management Support Why Focus On The Document?

  5. Knowledge Researchers • SPOLIATION-The Enron Story US Now that we have technology to manage both physical and electronic document populations, the onus is upon us to be proactive in our document retention policies. Thanks to the Enron affair, we’ll no longer be able to hide our heads in the sand. • The Patriot Act September 2001 US Information Sharing is facilitated by the Act. It has saved lives as Agencies can now openly share what they know, in fact they must share. Dr Paul Rosenzweig, Geoge Mason University, Professor of Law • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act July 2002 US 85% of Multinational US Firms are actively working to ensure corporate governance reforms are enacted globally • The Basel Capital Accord (Basel 11) EU • Financial Sector approach that ensures Capital Adequacy is aligned to Organisational Risk Management • Availability and maintenance of DATA is evident • Systems Infrastructure is sufficiently robust • People and Processes are aligned to manage this • Ernst & Young UK • Corporate Law Economic Reform Programme (CLERP 9) July 2004 AUS If you're involved in auditing and company financial reporting, this is the new standard for reporting processes and procedures.

  6. Is The CIO The Future Steward ? UFJ Holdings, one of Japan’s four biggest banks, has admitted it engaged in forgery and obstruction to impede investigations into its conduct. The bank has made the admissions during an inquiry by the government regulator, the Financial Services Agency, into the bank’s operations and its losses of $19.6 billion over the past three years. The FSA had earlier accused the bank of illegal activities blocking its inspectors. The admission, following a “third party” investigation commissioned by the bank, found that the company had concealed documents and data, given false evidence, destroyed documents, and forged statements and minutes of meetings during inspections. The bank said the actions were “systematic” in nature and involved the highest levels of the company’s personnel.A UFJ statement said that as result of the findings, it would undergo a “reconstruction” of its “corporate governance framework”. Ethical Corporation August 2004

  7. The Accidental Knowledge Manager A leader is one who takes the hardship of finding a better way of doing things for the common good and then selflessly shares the knowledge with others by guiding them on that path." – Avijit Dutta Indian Artist

  8. One Example Of A Roadmap The APQC Road Map to Knowledge Management Results: Stages of Implementation TM Material courtesy the APQC –Cynthia Raybourn

  9. Understanding The Roadmap

  10. A Community Of Practice Partial Source: Richard McDermott Building and Sustaining CoPs, 2000

  11. APQC KM Measurement Framework 1 2 KM Activities 3 Business Process Input Output Outcome Resources Applied Activities Organised Converting Inputs to Outputs Productivity Goods/Services Produced Revenue Profits Customer Satisfaction Customer Loyalty

  12. Balanced Scorecard Example

  13. Seeking New ‘Knowledge’

  14. Eureka Sharing Information Choose the Product Choose the Fix Choose the Fault

  15. Making Knowledge Work The Angelo Project

  16. A Knowledge Based Virtual Facilitator

  17. The Driver And Potential Savings

  18. Interpreting The Message Differently

  19. The Power Of Knowledge Is In Its Sharing The Front Line Free Membership send email to