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Lower Extremity Injury Information You Need To Know PowerPoint Presentation
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Lower Extremity Injury Information You Need To Know

Lower Extremity Injury Information You Need To Know

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Lower Extremity Injury Information You Need To Know

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  1. Ler magazine Lower Extremity Injury Information You Need To Know Lower Extremity Injury Information can be classified in two main areas, the internal and external. The internal can be caused by trauma such as a motor vehicle accident or a fall from a high place. The external variety is caused by external objects, causing trauma to the lower leg. There are many different types of lower extremity injuries and although some are easily recoverable, others are not. Having the right information on how to determine which type of injury has been sustained, will help expedite the process of getting the proper medical care. If you have been injured to your lower leg or foot, the first thing to do is to stop what you are doing and rest the area. The longer you wait the worse the injury will become. If you can, it is important to try to stay stable while resting. This will reduce swelling and inflammation and the time it takes for the area to heal will be decreased. 1/3

  2. How people with such issues find unable to walk? Many people who have had type of injuries such as this one, find that they are unable to walk without pain. They may also find that their legs become swollen and very tender. A physician can evaluate the situation and help determine if physical therapy or other treatment is needed. It is also important to remember that even small lacerations or breaks in the skin can be extremely painful. Use ice or heat treatments as necessary and be sure to apply appropriate moisturizers. People with injuries to their lower extremities can use crutches to help move around and get around easier. Even simple movements such as picking up items off of the floor can become difficult when the person's lower extremities are in pain. Using these crutches for support during walking and moving will help to improve the patient's mobility. It is important to realize that using crutches requires strength from the muscles around the crutch and also the muscles in and around the leg. Be sure to consult with your doctor on how to use these supports properly. As with any injury to the lower extremity, swimming is good for healing purposes. The water acts as a lubricant for the muscles, helping to reduce the amount of friction that can occur. Swimming will also help to strengthen muscles and increase flexibility at the same time. As always, consult with a physician prior to beginning any swimming regimen. Be sure to not get into the water if you have an injury as it can further aggravate a broken leg. 2/3

  3. Some best way to deal with such injuries Ice packs can also be used to help treat leg cramps. The cold helps to ease inflammation and will provide pain relief. Some patients even use a heating pad on their leg to provide even more relief. Preventative measures are always the best methods to take for any injury to the lower extremity. Using a splint will help to keep the foot elevated above the body to prevent twisting and causing further damage. Always wear appropriate footwear when working on the job site. When going through a car wash, for example, wear slip-resistant shoes to protect your lower leg. And when doing yard work, use protective gear to make sure you don't get injured while working on the lawn mower or weed whacker. With the proper exercise and nutrition plan, many people can get on the road to recovery from minor leg injuries. Consult with a physician before starting any new exercise routine to avoid unnecessary complications. And always be careful where you are working and how you are performing your work. Workplace accidents involving lacerations to the lower extremity are common. Follow the above tips and be safe in someone is looking to find lower extremity injury information on websites like 3/3