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How to Consolidate your Business Debt easily? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Consolidate your Business Debt easily?

How to Consolidate your Business Debt easily?

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How to Consolidate your Business Debt easily?

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  1. Debt Consolidation for Business owners

  2. Resolve Your Debt Issue Today with us • America Debt Resolutions an A+ Rated Company, and its debt relief partners specialize in helping consumers review multiple debt relief programs. • In the early days settling debt was for wealthy prominent individuals who used this option strategically alongside with their accountant or advisor. In today’s society it is not that case any longer. • Debt Consolidation is also known as a consolidation loan, debt consolidation is the substitute of several loans with a single loan, often with a lower monthly payment and a longer repayment period.

  3. Credit Card Reduction Program • Debts resulting from fraud • Alimony • Fines from traffic tickets or debts that result from criminal negligence • Debts from willful or malicious injury to another person or their property • Child Support • Student Loans (Currently, student loans cannot be discharged unless the individual passes an undue hardship test. The individual has to prove that they made good faith efforts to repay the loan and prove that they cannot maintain a minimal standard of living if you were forced to repay the loan)

  4. Debt Management Plans Debt Management Program is a good resolution for clients, who are comfortably making their minimum payments, have an emergency fund for their family and do not need or use their credit cards to cover any monthly living expenses. Debt management agencies will help you analyze your financial standing, determine how much you can pay, and will negotiate with the creditors on your behalf. The negotiation can be on longer terms or lower monthly amounts – whatever is necessary for you to afford payments. The benefit of going for this type of debt relief option is the possibility of lowered interest rates and monthly payments, waived penalty charges and other fees. Most of all, you will no longer be harassed by your creditors as they will be coursing everything through the debt management agency.

  5. Contact Details Address: 450 Century Parkway, Suite 282 Allen, TX 75013 Website: Toll Free: 1-877-350-3328