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10 Ultimate Reasons For Starting Ecommerce Website PowerPoint Presentation
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10 Ultimate Reasons For Starting Ecommerce Website

10 Ultimate Reasons For Starting Ecommerce Website

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10 Ultimate Reasons For Starting Ecommerce Website

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  1. Ultimate reasons For starting Ecommerce Website Even if you have a physical store at high street Compiled by:

  2. 1 Brand Building doesn’t necessary If you have a well-established store or outlet at high street that means a group of audience are aware of your brand and business. You don’t need to create a customer base. Your physical store is also a mark of trust.

  3. 2 Minimal Investment Maximum ROI Set up an ecommerce store is far economical compare to physical store. Like for example if you are planning to expand your business from Stourbridge to London, then you have to pay minimum £10,000 pa for 380 sq. ft. shop. This is an average rental of retail shops, you should consider other relevant expenses too. Now compare ecommerce establishment with this one. You can start the complete ecommerce website with all setup within £1500. You can hire affordable ecommerce Development Company for ecommerce store design and development. Yearly £144 approx. you need to pay for web hosting.

  4. 3 Uplift the physical store sales too Ecommerce website is not only the shopping atmosphere but also a wonderful medium for browsing as well. Number of people who first explore the product on website, get all the information from the site, compare price with other retailers and then buy it from your outlet.

  5. 4 Earn Customer’s love for your products and services Customers never stay silent, they always share opinions and feedbacks regarding your products and services whether it is good or bad. You just make sure that they favor you positively.

  6. 5 You should present where people spend more times in a day According to a survey conducted by Ofcom, People spend more than 8 hours and 41 minutes a day with media (including TV, Radio, internet etc.) this is approx. 20 minutes more than asleep. Identify this behavior and reach to your target audience as the same way they expect.

  7. 6 Enhance the trust factor and brand equity In present time the customer is smart and tech-savvy. So he/she double check your brand and product before buying. If you have a website and fair number of fans or followers on social media, he/she will trust your brand. In this way your brand equity also increases because you will get the benefit of “word of mouth”.

  8. 7 Less expensive promotion for new offers or discounts If you set up a physical store in any city, you will spend thousands of bucks with print advertisement and other local promotional medium. But in ecommerce store all the promotional techniques are cost effective whether it is SEO, social media promotion or Email marketing. Even paid channels drive very potential visitors at very low cost.

  9. 8 Don’t require much staffing for sales and administration In ecommerce segment of sales you can handle all the activities with minimal staff. To handle inventory and order you need one or two person and one person for shipping or delivery management. You can handle customer support as your own. You can outsource SEO and social media to any bespoke SEO agency who provide these services.

  10. 9 Your loyal customer can shop anywhere from all across the globe Sometimes your loyal customers move away from your reach, so it is not possible to visit your physical store. Ecommerce is a medium to keep the customer engaged with your brand.

  11. 10 Beat your competitors who are still not updated with ecommerce For example you have a footwear shop in Stourbridge, and there are 15 other shops in your area which you can say competitors. Now out of these 16 retailers, how many retailer offer online shopping like you? Hardly two or three, prospect customers who are likely to buy shoes order online from one of these three sites. Others who have no online stores simply lose the customers!!!

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