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Uses of Hoarding Advertising

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Uses of Hoarding Advertising

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  1. Uses of Hoarding Advertising

  2. The most prominent form of advertising is hoarding advertising. It can be correctly identified as one of the oldest and effective marketing tools. An OOH can be anything from Billboards, sale displays, bus-stop or kiosk posters.  If you want to grab someone’s attention in the fastest way then OOH (Out Of Home) advertising is the right choice for you. An elaborate and creatively visualized ad hoarding placed at a publicly visible spot can market your product easily.

  3. A new addition to it is Digital OOH. Video display ads at malls, digital hoardings and interactive panels come under digital OOH, erasing the boundaries between digital media advertising and hoarding advertising, offering the same thrill of watching a video ad on TV or smart phone.

  4. A problem associated with this service is the extensive market research and high market pricing required to place a hoarding. The process starts right from searching available spaces in newspaper commercials and advertising agencies, then negotiation for location and pricing related issues can result in a taxing experience. Maintenance and other disputes add up to the frustration. But, modern fixed media advertising companies have found solutions to the above problems with the help of omni-channel portals for all your advertising needs, right from the creative visualization process to location selection. Outdoor media advertising service Portals such as 8HOARDING offer seamless user experience with big data on population, traffic, and prices available on a few clicks.

  5. With technological advancements hoarding advertising is evolving to smart marketing practices are being used now. With data analytics and heat maps serving outdoor media advertising companies as a vital tool to strategically adapt to smart and high ROI practices. Heat maps help us recognize the exact spots where population index is high and over some duration even the time when crowd is more or less can be estimated aiding to the advertiser’s decision over hoarding location selection. After installation the estimated views can also be calculated, which was earlier possible, only in case of digital advertising. With outdoor media advertising agencies offering even better services than before the OOH industry in India and abroad is set to remain in game for a long time.

  6. Hoarding advertising is an evergreen marketing tool, being used from centuries. With time this service is evolving. AdmyBrand is an end to end marketing platform offering advertising services in all platforms, right from the start, offering DIY options and advanced data and heat map support to estimate campaign statistics and every other service within a few clicks and affordable prices.

  7. To know more about Hoarding Advertising or to book your Ad space online, please log on to: https://www.8hoarding.com/

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