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Residential Home Security PowerPoint Presentation
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Residential Home Security

Residential Home Security

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Residential Home Security

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  1. 7 Tips for Better Home Security Ph. 419-531-3400 ApcAmerica, 5211 RenwyckDrive, Toledo, Ohio, 43615

  2. Residential Home Security Home is where the heart is and hence security of home sweet home is always on the top agenda for everyone. Home Security also becomes a top priority because apart from our valuables and collections our dear and loved ones also live in the homes. Incidents of burglaries, break-ins and thefts have become very common place and hence paying proper attention to Home Security has become utmost important. Securing home is a comprehensive procedure which requires you to install the needed combination of security equipment like Home Security Systems, Video Surveillance, Alarm Monitoring Systems, break in alarms, fire alarms, etc. and also remain mindful of simple things like keeping the doors and windows closed, not leaving the keys at places like under the doormats or in mailbox for people like the house cleaners.

  3. Install Home Security Systems Home Security Systems offer you a wide range of security services like burglar, fire, carbon monoxide alarms along with features like sensor lightings, break-in alarms, etc. If your home remains unattended while you are not at home or you have a senior citizen at home requiring assistance, then installing Home Security Systems can be ideal for you.

  4. Video Surveillance These days just one type of security measure can’t ensure complete peace of mind and hence regular supervision is a preferred choice of people. Video Surveillance has come out as the best way to keep an eye on your home whenever you want. Sophisticated Video Surveillance units can not only record the activities in and around your home but they can also transmit them live on your smartphone or laptop in real time.

  5. Alarm Monitoring Systems Alarm Monitoring system is a good way to keep the intruders away from your premises and remain informed of other fire or medical emergencies. The alarm serves as a deterrent to the intruders and they generally stay away from such homes which have a security system.

  6. Install Good Locks Locks are very important for keeping your home safe and hence one should not be miser in choosing locks. If you have moved in to a new house, then change all the locks as the present locks can be compromised or others might have a key to them.

  7. Keep Your Keys Safe In the present day busy schedules, it is understandable that one cannot wait for the cleaning personnel or other such people who work in our home in our absence but still devise a way to hand over your house keys safely to them as leaving your home keys under the doormats, flowerpots or in the mailbox has become a tad bit too obvious over the years.

  8. Install Deadbolt locks Deadbolt locks are a safe way to avoid break-ins and burglaries as they are difficult to break and can keep the intruders engaged for very long and by that time proper authorities can be alerted by the other security systems. Deadbolt locks offer extended security to your homes and hence they are an inexpensive expenditure.

  9. Keep your windows protected As they say that any chain is as strong as its weakest link, the same is true for Home Security. If your home has weak windows or you tend to forget closing your windows too often then the intruders may get a chance to break in easily into your house. Hence it is important that you pay proper attention to the windows too. Reinforce your windows with iron grills so that it gets difficult to penetrate even if the intruders are successfully able to break the glass and always keep your windows locked when you are going anywhere.

  10. Contact APC Today! Asset Protection Corporation 5211 Renwyck Drive Toledo, Ohio, 43615 Phone:    419-531-3400 Fax:        419-531-1680Email: Business Hours:   M-F 8:30 am ­ 5:00 pm EST