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7 Best Security Options for Small Businesses

These days whether you own a small business or a well-known brand, Cybersecurity is the main concern of the business owners because you can't risk your business <br><br>when there is a continuous layer of threats from hackers going on in air. So, to tackle this, in this SlideShare, 7 of the best security tools are mentioned, which <br><br>will secure your business online. P.S: If you want to hire the Security personnel in San Jose, CA, then visit our website: www.securityguardsanjose.com

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7 Best Security Options for Small Businesses

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  1. 7 Best Security Options for Small Businesses Cyber security is one of the most important aspects of all established and small businesses alike. Companies that extensively rely on online sales, marketing and operations continuously face threat from hackers, DDoS attacks and malware. For all small businesses in the San Jose, CA, here are the 7 best online security options they can consider- as recommended by professional guard service provider in the San Jose, CA.

  2. 1 - ESET ESET is single solution security software that can cover all your databases. It allows you to choose from a variety of security bundle packages to protect your mobile, computer devices, servers and networks. The vendor also offer customized security solutions that you can use to create a tailored security plan for your business. You can choose the product either by its type or by your company’s size.

  3. 2- Comodo This globally recognized and award-winning security provider offers free-of-cost security tools that remain unmatched in terms of their quality. As a small business owner, you can benefit from a range of free features, which include antivirus, internet security, firewall protection, paid and free SSL certificates, POS security options and many more. Comodo Advanced Endpoint automatically protects your computer and system data from malware. Mobile management is also offered.

  4. 3- Cradlepoint With the advent of cloud computing, businesses can now store their data onto online platforms without facing any significant risk of loss. Cradlepoint NetCloud Engine is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to keep online data secure. With Cradlepoint, business owners can enjoy affordable business security features such as cloaked private addresses, end-to-end encryptions, data center protection, access policies, micro-segmentation and many more.  

  5. 4- StaySafeOnline.org Powered by National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), StaySafeOnline.org contains tools and resources that help small businesses protect their employee and customer data from cyber attacks and other online threats. Business owners can easily assess their own risks, take steps to mitigate risks and implement an organization-wide cyber security plan. The security module is budget-friendly.

  6. 5 - Symantec Unlike other security programs, Symantec is designed for both small and large businesses. The system offers a 360-degree security packages that includes a range of small business protection items, such as firewall, privacy protection, antivirus, antispyware, data-loss prevention and automated backups. Disaster recovery and email scanning options are also available.

  7. 6 - NSFOCUS Over the past few years, distributed denials of service (DDoS) attacks have increased exponentially. These attacks have led to substantial financial losses for the businesses. To protect your business from such attacks, you need NSFOCUS. This security program delivers an all-in-one security solution for all your business needs. It detects attacks and sets up counter measures to prevent any data loss.  

  8. 7 - Lookout Lookout Mobile Security protects businesses from cyber attacks that make their way through tablets and mobile phones. The system works by predicting and anticipating an impending attack and shielding business against all types of mobile threats. In essence, Lookout offers protection against malware, data leakages and jailbroken mobile phones. The system also helps a business comply with all its security regulations and company policies with respect to IT security.

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