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Alankar Diamonds

Alankar Diamonds

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Alankar Diamonds

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  1. Alankar Diamonds Alankar Diamonds is your one destination online retailshop that brings the most gorgeous jewelleries at the most reasonable rate. We believe “diamonds are for everyone” and so here we have diamond jewelleries to meet all your style statements and occasions. Perfection is one thing that we never compromise upon. We understand your emotions and expectations attached to your precious jewelleries and so we give more than the best to share the wow moment with you as you touch and feel your jewellery.


  3. Return & Exchange Policy If for any reason a customer wants to exchange the product to, then such transactions are liable to following terms and conditions: Under this policy, customer can exchange the product within 30 days from the date of the delivery. Customized product and custom engraved product are not subject to 30 days exchange policy. Product should only be accepted in its original condition and along with certification. Any wear and tear or any kind of changes in the jewellery will not be accepted. Gold coins are not subject to 30 days exchange policy. After the arrival of the returned product, the quality analysis team of will thoroughly analyze and review the product. Any modification or damage will not be covered under 30 days exchange policy.


  5. TERM & CONDITIONS Trademarks All the names details logos and marks collectively known as trademarks sole and exclusively are property of website owner. Nothing published on this website should give authority or license to any individual or company to use any trademark without the written consent of the website owner. External Links Usage of any external link and the content thereupon provided is at your own risk. External links are provided for the convenience of customers, but they are outside the control of owner and no representation is made as to their content.

  6. Warranties There are no warranties or claims or guarantees or statement or any representations established by website owner regarding the website. Alankar Diamonds implements certain terms and conditions for the users transaction online.Alankar Diamonds has the sole ownership of this website.Before dealing on this website, please have a glance at the terms and conditions carefully.When you start using this website,we assume your consent on the terms and conditions listed here. Registration / Guest Login Users can continue transaction with ‘Guest Login’. It is not mandatory to register.Registration is a one-time process where #Users can create their username and password.



  9. KNOW YOUR DIAMOND Who does not love jewellery? If one thinks of investing in something that values more with time, jewellery comes as the first option in mind. Jewellery is like a wonder gift for yourself or for your loved ones. Diamond jewellery has been acquiring the taste of people from all sections of society today. The impeccable and lustrous look of diamond does not leave any heart untouched. Alankar Diamonds understands the value of your emotions and investment and so this piece of writing is an attempt to enhance your knowledge about diamonds. Made up your mind for buying diamond jewellery? Now, here are certain basic and mandatory to know facts about diamonds: Have you heard the term 4 C’s related to diamond? Herein we will illustrate that for you. The four characteristics of diamond, which are Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat are referred as 4C’s. The value of a diamond is evaluated on these four factors. Therefore, the understanding of these factors will help you in judging and buying the quality of diamond you want.


  11. Buy Online Promise Rings Explore the best collections of Promise Rings to show your emotions and feelings towards your partner. This is not only a ring but also a sign of stronger statement than words alone. The ring exchanged between two parties that signify a religious belief. It can be worn one any finger but most of them used it as a pre-engagement so that they worn it on their left hand. Buy Diamond Cluster Rings Online Diamond Cluster Rings have come in different varieties of pieces and style. Trendy and gorgeous collections of attractive rings are available in various retail stores. But Alankar Diamonds is a top destination that brings superb assortments of designer and fancy accessories that make your partner happy. So if you want to express your feeling towards the partner then purchase a gorgeous ring for them.

  12. Contact Us ALANKAR DIAMONDS, B/305 Dev Ashish Complex Chada Nagar-NalaSopara (W),Greater Mumbai Maharashtra-401203,(India) Phone:- 8102222000 9771488600 Email:- Website:-