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  2. SUMMARY This book is about a summer of pranks,fun and friendship.The main character, Tom Sawyer is a very naughty boy.He even went to his funeral with his friend Huck because everybody in the town thought they were dead. He lives with his aunt who loves him but is very strict with him. Tom likes being with his friends. He doesn´t like school

  3. MAIN CHARACTER: TOM SAWYER Tom Sawyer is the main character, he has no parents and lives with his aunt. He is a naughty boy. He is a happy child, he likes adventure.

  4. OTHER CHARACTERS Aunt Polly: She is very strict and hits Tom. I don´t like this character Mary: Tom´s cousin. Huckeleberry Finn: Tom’s best friend. He lives alone, he has no family. Becky Thatcher: she is the girl Tom likes. Joe: He is a dangerous person, he kills the doctor and blames Muff

  5. DIFFERENCES BETWEEN CHILDHOOD NOW AND IN THE PAST We play football a lot and at that time, they did not even have any balls. They always walk to places and we use cars or bicycles. They did not have video games and we play with them all the time. Parents and teachers were very strict with children in the past. Now parents and teachers treat us nicely.

  6. AUTOR Samuel Langhone, known as Mark Twain, was a very important wellknown writer in the 19th and 20th century. He was born on 30th of November in 1835 in Hannibal (Misuri). The book “The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer” was written by Mark Twain and it was published in 1876. “The adventures of Tom Sawyer” is a work inspired by his childhood, in Hannibal, the town of St. Petersburg does not exist. Tom Sawyer was inspired by Twain's childhood , with details of two schoolmates, John Briggs and Will Bowen. Huckleberry Finn appears in the book as a secondary character, inspired by a Twain childhood friend, Tom Blankenship.

  7. PERSONAL OPINION Most of us liked this book but a person in the group did not like it because he does not like the old. We liked it because it talks about interesting things about what children did long time ago and it shows us the change that has happened over time. Most of us liked learning about what children enjoyed doing more than a century ago. How they spent their free time and the games and toys they used. It was interesting to learn how things have changed. But one thing has not changed and it is that children prefer enjoy playing with friends intead of going to school.