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Here is scooter & here is fun !!!!!!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Here is scooter & here is fun !!!!!!!

Here is scooter & here is fun !!!!!!!

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Here is scooter & here is fun !!!!!!!

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  1. Best scooter gives you smart life….. You tube Channel Safely‘Cheap and sure

  2. What is scooter & what is best scooter for kids? As wise man I think you know. Although I recount here what is best scooter for kids. Scooter is a great way to get your kid outside exercising, training balance and co-ordination and having fun. From about 3 years old to upward, scooter is a super portable and versatile mode of transportation around the neighborhood. It’s looks likes as mini bike but not bike. It has two wheel or more then, one handle and other things such as brakes, rechargeable battery (if electric), switch etc. But best scooter has some features- made with high quality metal, good color, good wheel, high effective breaking system, weight & height capacity, chargeable battery with long time duration, switch that is easy to use and large deak etc. However, Scooter is a funny item for your kids but you don’t think or take it as funny to choose. Because In Strange world it is not easy job, to collect a perfect or safety scooter for your kids. Sometimes it causes a great accident for your kids only for your wrong decision (to choose).

  3. Buying Guide of kids Electric Scooter There are a lot of scooters available in the market depending on your little scientist’s age and others . Now you are thinking, how will you choose one from them ? Some points should be consider before buying a scooter. To buy best scooter, need to remember the following points- AGE: Actually to get fun from any source, age is main fact. Because, which is best for kids, that’s not for adult. On the other hand which is best for adult, that’s not for kid. Companies make scooter by keeping the age range in their mind, so you have to keep in mind the age of your kid to buy best scooter.Some scooters are for toddlers and some for 4 years kids and some are for 5 years and above age.So, when you will go to buy a scooter for your kid, remember, remember and remember the age. 3 WHEELER or 2 WHEELER: All kids in the world or your surrounding is not with same quality. Most of kids, who are 5 years old have a master balance in riding scooter. On the hand toddles are not expert in balancing. So, you can choose 2-wheel scooter for your 5-years aged kid. But, for 3 or 4 years you have to buy three-wheeler scooter, and for toddlers, also there is a different scooter. My “Best scooter for toddlers” will help you to know & buy a perfect one. BREAKS: In the market you can find scooter with break & without break. Now you have to take decision which will be best for you kids. However if your kid likes to hold break, buy scooter with break. Otherwise, he/she needs to brake manually by his/her leg. I specially prefer scooter with break.

  4. FOLDING OPTION: Specialty isnot exist in everything. But there is an specialty in scooter that is neck-folding option. It is very useful as you can fold it’s neck and store or carry it easily as per your kid’s necessity. WEIGHT: Weight is main fact, when you will go to buy a scooter. Because scooter is that type of thing, that you will carry on in various place. Actually in absence of you, your kid will carry this scooter. So if this scooter is very heavy, your kid will not able to carry any place & don’t enjoy fun. So remember to buy lightweight scooter consciously. TYPE OF SCOOTER:In the market, there are many types of scooter such as manual, electric, breaking, non-breaking, folding, non folding etc. Keep your kid’s choice here for choosing the desired style scooter.

  5. Anyway I have told a lot of things about scooter. You should remember all when you will go to buy a scooter. It will help you to buy a best scooter as scooter specialist. Health benefits of riding Scooter You know how it is –everyone’s aware that an active lifestyle is good for our bodies, brains, moods and more, but everyday life crams us into metal boxes to get around, and then keeps us cooped up indoors for hours. It’s the reason we have those ‘ghost’ gym memberships and fall for ‘5-Day Miracle Diet’ click bait – but as the experts always say, the best way to improve your health, wellbeing and even fitness is to make every day of your life more active. When personal trainer, Ben Cobbett first picked up a scooter he thought it was a nifty way to nip abound town, but soon realized it might offer more – much more. Meanwhile a pilot study at the University of Brighton uncovered the great potential of scooting for kick starting an active lifestyle. It found a fit person scooting for 30 mines at 4.6mph would have an average heart rate of 115-120bpm and burn about 150 cals – or one chocolate creme egg –not that we’d recommend one of those for brekkie ! So how can you combine the fun of scooting to get around, with super-charging an active lifestyle? Fitness-guru Ben has some surprisingly effective suggestions… 01.Scoot To Burn Fat Obviously scooting is a form of exercise and you will burn calories doing it. But there’s more to the tale than that. ‘Scooting is low-impact and low-intensity so your heart rate usually stays in the 60-70% of maximum range, which is where you burn some fat for fuel. However total calorie expenditure is the key component of consistent weight loss, so grab any opportunity you can to burn a few extra calories by scooting,’ says Ben.

  6. 02. Shop Around For Lunch One of the liberating things about having a scooter is that there’s very little faff and you don’t end up in a sweaty mess like cyclists can, which allows you to roam further afield at lunchtime for your choice of healthier meal options. ‘With a shot of activity, your digestive system is primed to make the best use of the nutrients you take in, giving you more energy throughout the day and making you less likely to grab snacks,’ says Ben. And studies have shown that post-lunch exercise may even boost heart health. 03.Scoot Before Breakfast One trick that exercise experts use to train the body’s fat-burning metabolism is to do low-intensity, fasted sessions. ‘If you do a short, max 30-minute fasted session, such as a steady commute to work, then your body will potentially burn fat stores for fuel rather than relying on energy stored in your muscles,’ says Ben.

  7. 04.Recovery Is Easy If you’re already doing a workout program then you’ll know that PTs recommend doing low-intensity or recovery sessions to help your muscles and CV system adapt. ‘Scooting can offer an ideal recovery cross training session because it is low-impact and will not put additional stress into tired running muscles, but will retain lean muscle,’ says Ben. ‘It promotes blood flow and nutrient delivery, and also helps with the removal of the by-products of exercise, helping your body recover from a hard session.’ 05.Grab A Calorie Combo Having to make time for the gym or a run in the park means getting there ASAP in a car or tube. But factor in congestion and scooting can be as fast as either, while combining with your workout to boost your calorie burn –and more… ’You can use scooting as part of your warm-up – it will get your CV system primed and ready, warm up your muscles without over-taxing them and lift your energy levels ready for a good workout,’ says Ben.

  8. 06.Scoot To Prevent Niggles And Worse It’s so demotivating when you start a new exercise routine only to get injured and have to hit pause – fortunately regular scooting can cut your risk of future injury. ‘Because scooting combines a unilateral static hold with movement it requires balance – this recruits your core and strengthens the stabilizing muscles in your joints –but train yourself to scoot on both sides,’ says Ben. 07.Chase The Burn If you’re already a scooter fan you’ve probably scoped out your routes to get the flattest, easiest ride possible. But that’s missing a trick, says Ben. ‘Scooting up a slight incline is like adjusting the angle on a treadmill. If you want to increase the potential fitness benefits and calorie burn of scooting it’s all you need to do. Riding a Scooter is Ideal Form of Exercise. ------- Says „Alored Homtin‟ To know more about this. Please go to the following address- You tube channel- Safely „Cheap and sure with Amazon‟