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6 Ways To Keep Machine Tools Well Maintained PowerPoint Presentation
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6 Ways To Keep Machine Tools Well Maintained

6 Ways To Keep Machine Tools Well Maintained

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6 Ways To Keep Machine Tools Well Maintained

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  1. 6 Ways To Keep Machine Tools Well Maintained    When it comes to keeping your machine tools well maintained,itisvery             essential to ensure theirdurabilityandperformance. Beitmaintenance,           routine check up or particular attachments, keeping machinery tools up           to date is the foremost thing to consider. Anything can happen to them               if heavy machineries are not checked routinely and well maintained                                                          CNC machinesandmachinetoolsarethebackboneofthemanufacturing           sector. They are the machines that are responsible for building other           machines for all industries. And therefore, ensuring smooth functioning           of suchmachinesisnotonlycriticalforthemachinetoolindustrybutthe               manufacturing sector as a whole. Good quality machine tools can be a           heavy investment but at the same time they work for long time.       Given below are some of thewaysyoucankeepyourmachinetoolswell               maintained.                                                                               

  2. 1. Check The Lubrication  First thing to keep in mind and implement is checking the lubrication of               machine tools which are frequently used. In this case, it is very         important to inspect the lubrication levels on a regular basis. By making         sure that the equipment are lubricated properly, you can easily protect           their motors over an extended period. It includes greasing and oiling of           moving parts or components of all tools. Always have the right amount             of oil or use other lubricants to make your machine tools work without               any break downs.     2. Sharpen Key Parts    If you are using machine tools that have components built for cutting,             slicing, sharpening or chopping, then you should make sure that the         parts maintain their sharpness. If you are using ​laser parts for cutting, then ensure these parts are also in proper condition. If there isn’t             routine maintenance performed on specific accessories which need to       retain their sharpness for optimum performance, you would be putting           your production quality at a high risk. Ensure those equipment used for             cutting are sharpened properly.     3. Check Alignment Specifications                                                                                                                                                                                                Another important maintenance step is to stop any attachment or       component from being out of alignment. Component misalignment may           adversely affect the machine's performance. To decide if your machine         tools are aligned well, simply go for a few test jobs and test the             accessories to check how their parts are currently working.                                                        

  3. 4. Examine The Cleanliness  Eventhoughthisisobvious,youmustmakesurethatyourmachinetools             are cleaned regularly. By cleaning different pieces of machines either           daily or weekly, you will make sure that they are running at optimum             capacity. The cleanliness of machines must be taken care of to avoid         breakdown of particular parts. When machines collect a lot of grime or         start rusting, long term problems may occur.                                                                           5. Take Good Care of Parts & Equipment  So as to correctly maintain your machine tools, it is important to have             routine maintenance checks on all of the accessories and parts. An         important aspect of this preventive care is to ensure that all of your         machine accessories and equipments are handled with care and stored       safely. You absolutely don’t want to be sloppy with any ofyourmachine             parts. Do all you can to detect possible problems. All problems can be               tackled more easily when detected early on. Keep a checklist and         carefully login all maintenance performances to proceed further.                                                                                                         6. Don't Overwork Your Machines  Don’t surpass your machine parts’ stated performance limitations and           specifications as found in your owner manual. Knowing weight limitsfor           inclines and loadsfortransitareasimplewaytokeepmachinetoolswell               maintained. Most machine tools are programmed with multiple power         modes. And that is why it is important for operators to ensure their               machine parts are set to the correct power mode.                                                              

  4. To Conclude  By following the above simple precautionary measures, you can prolong           the life of your machines and save yourself from unpleasant shocks and               machine breakdowns. A good rule of thumb in this regard is to check all             your machine parts regularly and keep them in optimum working         condition.