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How to Keep Your E-bike Maintained?

In my last post, I had explained how to convert your old bike into electric bicycle (https://bit.ly/2MjKwEy). But in this post, I will explain to you how to maintain that e-bike. Read more - https://bit.ly/2HVNX2f

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How to Keep Your E-bike Maintained?

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  1. How to Keep Your E-bike Maintained? E-bikes need little extra maintenance than standard bikes. After all, they offer so many multiple features in return. To make sure that it stays in good condition, you need to take care of a few things. You may not be sure that what does it all include, so here are we with some maintenance tips. Battery maintenance As you must be aware that electric bikes are equipped with a battery, very similar to a cell phone or laptop. On a large scale, these batteries are lithium ion. Similar to other batteries, they constitute a group of cells which refers to the charge cycles depending on their quality. When the cell charge is consumed, the battery moves to the next one. You need to recharge them as you consume them. To extend the life of the battery, charge it after every ride. It will keep the maximum cells in unused condition. The same rules apply even when you buy an e-bike kit and install batteries by yourself. Drivetrain maintenance Similar to standard bikes, an e-bike drivetrain needs to be cleaned and lubricated to keep it operating. When it is not done regularly, it causes rust and wears down which further lead to repair or replacement. Follow the steps: Clean the links in the chain with an old toothbrush. Dry them with a clean cloth.

  2. Lube the links with lubricant, especially used for bikes. Extra lube can attract dirt, so wipe off extra lube with dry paper towels. Tire Flat tires are the most common problem with e-bikes. Keep your tires inflated so that it runs well and fast. Inflated tires also reduce the human energy you will need to keep it running. Your e-bike tires must have proper PSI marked on its side. Make sure that you are not over or underinflating it, treads are in good shape and are not worn down. Worn down treads can reduce traction, making it easier to get punctured. It is advisable to replace your tires after 2,000 miles, depending on the road and riding condition. Brakes Brakes are very important as they are a kind of safety devices. Do not neglect their maintenance. E-bikes come in different types of brakes – rim brakes, mechanical disc brakes, and hydraulic disc brakes. Get them regularly checked by professionals. Riding an e-bike is a pleasure. So, keep your maintained and make sure that they are in good shape. It is important for your safety as well as longevity of your e-bike.

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