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Windshield Survey

Windshield Survey

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Windshield Survey

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  1. Windshield Survey Reed City, Michigan

  2. Area • The community is rural and sparsely populated. Observing the homes and businesses in the area, I found many well maintained residences, but also a mix of poorly maintained and run-down homes. • Most of the homes seen were older constructed homes.

  3. Demographics • Population- 2,424 in 2011 • Males- 1,087 Females- 1,337 • Median Resident age- 36.1 years • Median household income- $26,922 • Median house value- $68,923

  4. Demographics • Races • White- 2,264 (93.4%) • Two or more races- 54 (2.2%) • Hispanic- 54 (2.2%) • Black- 38 (1.6%) • American Indian- 11 (0.5%) • Asian- 4 (0.2%)

  5. Amenities and Open Space • The community has two recreational parks and one museum.

  6. Transportation • There are no forms of visible transportation. • When observing the community, private cars and trucks were seen. They ranged from new to old, with most being old to older. • I also noticed a many of the vehicles were trucks and suvs.

  7. Safety • The community has a local law enforcement agency, a jail, and a State Police Post.

  8. Commercial Buildings and Areas • There are a few small retail businesses in the town, including a bakery, a tavern, restaurants, one grocery store, three gas stations, McDonald’s, Burger King, a Farm & Garden store, a post office and a number of churches.

  9. Business

  10. Government • The town has two police buildings, jail, two courthouse buildings, and a health department/emergency management office.

  11. Schools • There is a public school in the town, complete with k-12 education.

  12. Residential Areas • Most residential areas were single family homes. I also found two apartment complexes and one motel.

  13. Health Services • The town has one small hospital with an Emergency Department and various Inpatient and Outpatient Services. • There is a walk-in clinic and several pharmacies, Rite-Aid, Pattie Drug, and a pharmacy at the after-hours clinic.

  14. Religion • There are a number of churches in this community. The churches I saw were Catholic, Lutheran, and Methodistdenominations.

  15. Communication • The town has a post office, which had newspaper stands lined up outside. • I did not see any political signs or graffiti.

  16. Environment • The air quality seemed fresh and clean. The only potential pollutant I could identify was the presence of the manufacturing yogurt factory, but I really did not see any smoke or smog or any visible pollution. The use of motor vehicles produces toxic air pollution. The town had a few cars, trucks, and large trucks on the roads.

  17. Conclusion • In reviewing this small town, I did not see many pedestrians or people walking on the streets. Of those I did see, they were primarily middle-aged, white individuals. • Reed City is a small town and after doing the windshield survey, I question the availability of fresh and healthy food. There was only one small grocery store, a couple pharmacies, and gas stations. I also question the overall health of the citizen’s, in addition to the small grocery store, I did not see many individuals outside walking, biking, or getting exercise. It seems that if citizens must drive or ride to services and needs, which could set precedence for being less active.

  18. Additional information needed to fully assess the health of this community would be to look at overall health statistics. This information could be gathered through a generalized, random survey on overall health, eating habits, access to fresh foods, and exercise and activity habits. In order to get a picture of the overall health of this community, I would perform a random sample, targeting an equal number of males and females from all age groups.