i remember the first time a pebble coming off of a mixing truck ever damaged my windshield n.
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Windshield Care Tips PowerPoint Presentation
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Windshield Care Tips

Windshield Care Tips

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Windshield Care Tips

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  1. I remember the first time a pebble coming off of a mixing truck ever damaged my windshield.

  2. I was shocked at first since I only had my vehicle for a few days at the time.

  3. Then I was pretty angry.

  4. Again, I noticed that the pebble came from a mixing truck.

  5. Luckily for the mixing truck his license plate appeared to be damaged so I couldn’t memorize it.

  6. Unfortunately for me the mixing truck didn’t pull over, so that I could gather his insurance information.

  7. However, with my insurance I had coverage for the windshield repair, so I didn’t have to let go of a bunch of money to fix my windshield.

  8. From that point on though I have become a real guru for maintaining my windshield, and now I would like to discuss some tips, so that anyone who ever gets a ding or some kind of damage to their windshield will know what to do.

  9. If there is ever any damage to your windshield there are some things that you definitely want to avoid.

  10. By engaging in these activities you could increase the chance of adding further damage to the windshield which could have safety risks for you, your passengers, and other drivers.

  11. The first activity to avoid when it comes to your windshield is touching the ding or attempting to repair it yourself.

  12. By touching or trying to repair the glass without proper training or equipment you could cause further damage which could increase the amount of money you may have to spend to fix or replace the windshield.

  13. The next thing to do is to avoid washing the windshield either by hand or by taking your vehicle to a car wash.

  14. Soap and water can contaminate the glass, and the high-pressure could cause the ding to expand.

  15. On the other hand here are some tips to what a driver should do if there is damage to their windshield.

  16. The first is to inspect the ding, but remember not to touch it.

  17. If the ding is shaped as a deep circle, small star with points spreading out, or a cone shape have the damage fixed immediately.

  18. Without proper maintenance these dings can turn into a cracked windshield.

  19. Another tip for windshield maintenance when there is a ding is to place a clear piece of tape over the ding.

  20. This will not fix the ding, but it will prevent further contamination.

  21. With these tips drivers can have a better understanding of what and what not to do if there is damage to their windshield.