windshield geographers n.
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Windshield Geographers PowerPoint Presentation
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Windshield Geographers

Windshield Geographers

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Windshield Geographers

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  1. Windshield Geographers Chase Jones and Brandon Jonesare

  2. Our Goal: To enlighten our fellow students and administrators about the diverse and ever evolving characteristics of our hometown.

  3. Location(Relative) We are located in central NC, Greensboro is to our west, Durham is to the east, etc.

  4. Location(Absolute) Mebane is located at 36 degrees 5 minutes 45 seconds North and 79 degrees 16 minutes 15 seconds West.

  5. Place(What is around us?) The Haw River is around 110 miles long, is part of the Cape Fear River Basin and is entirely located in north central North Carolina.

  6. Place Mebane is unique because it is located in central North Carolina, but is still 600 feet above sea level!

  7. Human Environmental Interaction Farming is a major part of Mebane and is one way that we interact with our environment.

  8. Human Environmental Interaction Arial view of Crop Rotation Basic premise of how to rotate your crops.

  9. Movement Vehicles such as cars and tractor trailers move people as well as goods.

  10. Movement (cont’d) Other than vehicles used to move people and goods, communication towers help us transport thoughts and ideas digitally via telephones and internet.

  11. Region North Carolina is part of The United States of America and is situated on the east coast of North America.

  12. Region So what makes this place so good? North Carolina is very unique in the fact that, unlike most states, a short drive away and you could literally change your landscape. From the top of Mount Mitchell in the mountains, to the big city lights of Raleigh in the piedmont, and all the way to a relaxing beach on the coastal plain.

  13. Thank you all for your attention and time. Presented by Chase and Brandon.