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Benefits of Installing 960h Security Cameras PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits of Installing 960h Security Cameras

Benefits of Installing 960h Security Cameras

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Benefits of Installing 960h Security Cameras

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  1. Benefits of Installing 960h Security Cameras Home and business are the most important part for everyone’s life and its security is also essential from any other things. There are many home and business owners who take care of their home through different security equipments. Security equipments are available in the market with several varieties like entry alarm systems device, video door phone, fire alarms, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, security cameras, combination locks, deadbolt locks, key locks, safes and others. Thus, the list of security equipments is very big so you can choose according your needs. You also can consult with security professionals about security equipment which one is the best for your home and business. Most of the security experts can suggest you to use security camera systems because this is the best equipment for security. There are several types of security cameras available in the market with exclusive features that are useful and helpful. It is very important to choose right security camera that will fit according to your needs for your home and business. On the other hand, some security experts can suggest you to use 960h cameras for home and business because it is available in reasonable price and includes unique features. 960h cameras are the newest generation of high resolution and broad screen cameras that support of 960 pixels of horizontal resolution in CCD image sensor. The 960h are able to recording 960H (960 x 480 pixels) resolution and take benefit of the widescreen format. It provides better image quality, sharper image and more objects in color. 960H makes a broad screen image that does not require to be stretched to fit wide-screen monitors and TV’s. Therefore, the 960h dvrs bring you the latest powerful iteration in the high resolution CCTV business

  2. Important Facts about 960h cameras There are some important factors available in 960h security camera systems that are below: Different 960h camera channels: The 960h cameras are available in different channels like 4-Channel, 8-Channel and 16-Channel. Appropriate in weather: The 960h security cameras come in IP66 indoor and outdoor weatherproof rating that work for you in different weather condition. You can take it easy because these cameras are working for you. App for devices: You can see and record in broad screen by remote viewing with the help of iPhone app, android app and iPad app. Night Vision: These cameras include 24 IR LEDs for Night Vision, which automatically start when they identify low lighting like in a dark room and at night. Backwards Compatible cameras: When use 960h surveillance systems with DVR, your system does many more than increase the bar against D1 resolution because it is also compatible with it. Hard drive Space: The 960h dvr surveillance systems include 500GB or 1TB size pre-installed hard drive. You have the capability to get bigger the internal hard drive disk maximum up to 3TB.

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