cuban missile crisis october 15 th 28 th 1962 n.
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Cuban Missile Crisis October 15 th – 28 th , 1962 PowerPoint Presentation
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Cuban Missile Crisis October 15 th – 28 th , 1962

Cuban Missile Crisis October 15 th – 28 th , 1962

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Cuban Missile Crisis October 15 th – 28 th , 1962

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  1. Cuban Missile CrisisOctober 15th – 28th, 1962 Will you make the same decisions that I made?

  2. Good Morning Mr. President. We have some important news to brief you on.

  3. One of our U-2 flights over Cuba has revealed what analysts believe to be nuclear missiles. Sir, the missiles look to be from the Soviet Union.

  4. Analysts believe that the missiles would be able to reach Washington D.C. Sir.

  5. Option #1 Mobilize the military along the Florida coast for an invasion of Cuba. Option #2 Meet with the Soviet Foreign Minister to see whether or not he will confirm the presence of Soviet missiles in Cuba. What should we do sir?

  6. It’s time to discuss military options sir. The Soviets still deny that there are nuclear missiles in Cuba.

  7. Option #1 Continue U-2 flights over Cuba to search for more nuclear missile launch sites. Option #2 Launch a limited air strike to take out the missile sites in Cuba. What should we do sir?

  8. Mr. President, we continued the flights and it doesn’t look good. Photos reveal the presence of another missile site.

  9. Option #1 Put into place a naval blockade to prevent Soviet ships from arriving in Cuba. Option #2 Launch a full scale invasion before the missiles can be launched from Cuba. Mr. President, what should our next move be?

  10. We’ll follow your orders Mr. President. The naval blockade will go into effect immediately.

  11. Mr. President the blockade around Cuba seems to be working, this Soviet ship with missiles onboard stopped just before crossing the blockade line.

  12. Adlai Stevenson is presenting our case to the United Nations to see if the Soviets will continue to deny the missiles in Cuba. At least now the world knows what the Soviets are doing.

  13. Option #1 Let’s agree to those terms. We have to ensure peace not only for the United States, but the world. Option #2 We can’t confirm that the message is actually coming from Khrushchev, we launch our missiles first. Mr. President, we’ve just received a message from Khrushchev. He is stating that he will remove the missiles from Cuba if we promise not to invade Cuba and remove our missiles from Turkey. What should we do?

  14. Congratulations Mr. President, Khrushchev is removing the missiles from Cuba. We made the right choices.

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