the most famous shiba in the world n.
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The Most Famous Shiba in the World PowerPoint Presentation
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The Most Famous Shiba in the World

The Most Famous Shiba in the World

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The Most Famous Shiba in the World

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  1. The Most Famous Shiba in the World By Tessaiga

  2. I guess that • black hayate • Is • the most famous shiba • In the world

  3. Black Hayate is great Television Star and very well knoloedge from 3 Generations of people From Japan to Usa by Europe

  4. Many Web Sites are dedicated to this Great Shiba Inu and Owners Maybe It could looks Strange but it’s easy that many Breeders and Specialists not Know the most famous dog in the breed

  5. Black Hayate is a good example of Shiba Inu from Japan. Sure in Size, with wonderful little ears, fantastic shape of eyes and great range of espression. Not surprise He is also an actor!!!

  6. Some Judges and some B&T Specialists could not like too much Urajiro and not perfect Tan. But sure Who searches very completed dog is Black Hayate Fun !

  7. He is also fantastic Obedience and Agility dog. Immediatly, in the pup-age, the Owners Ms Riza, that is important military, gives to him strong discipline as you can see…

  8. Of Course the System of Training is not in typical sport Style But bit more near Military way…

  9. But this Shiba has important Work in department so also Colonel sometime is busy with Him…

  10. Black Hayate War Temperament is evident during attack. He shows great Athletic Qualities!!!

  11. Black Hayate is a normal Shiba with normal life-style, loved from Owner Ten. Riza

  12. So if you are interesting to this fantastic B&T SHIBA,SEARCH…