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Beautiful Wooden figures by Architectmade PowerPoint Presentation
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Beautiful Wooden figures by Architectmade

Beautiful Wooden figures by Architectmade

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Beautiful Wooden figures by Architectmade

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  1. Architect Made Scandinavian, Modern Danish Design Gifts and Wooden Figures

  2. About Architect Made online store has a wide range of unique or modern design gifts, wooden figures, etc. Here, you will find lots of Scandinavian design gifts or Danish design gifts of your choice. Products of famous architects like Finn Juhl and others are being available here to purchase online.

  3. Danish Design Gifts Our Products FJ Clock Timeless and streamlined The FJ Clock was designed as a part of the interior of the New York United Nation Trusteeship Council Chamber in 1950 and it captures the essence of Juhl's design aesthetic. The circular shape complementing the natural qualities of the teak wood and the numberless aluminum dial captures his flair for clever minimalism

  4. Modern Design Gifts Our Products Optimist & Pessimist Half empty or half full? Architect Hans Bølling designed these two characters that exemplify the duality in each of us: yingvs yang, happy or sad. Their carefully designed bodies are only different in demeanor, revealing the power of expression in defining one as an Optimist and the other a Pessimist. Together the Optimist and Pessimist embody the balance, and reality, of life.

  5. Wooden Figures Our Products Oscar Fun and play Designed with Hans Bølling’s characteristic humor, Oscar’s body can be arranged so that he imitates everything a normal dog can do. From sitting to begging to playing or crawling, his personality shines through, making him a joyful companion for everyday (without having to take him out for a walk!)

  6. Scandinavian Design Gifts Our Products Discus COLORFUL WOODEN BIRD SHAPED AS ANTIQUE GREEK DISCUS Hans Bølling created Discus in 1961. The birds are shaped as a discus and are made in hand painted pinewood. The painted parts represent the colorful plumage of the bird, whereas the chest of the bird remains unpainted; revealing the natural qualities of the wood. The beautiful veins of the wood contrast the painted parts of the birds. The birds come in a family consisting of four members that can be placed in line in the window or on a shelf.

  7. Finn Juhl Our Artist Born: 1912 Education: Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Commissions: Trusteeship Council Chamber, UN Headquarters, New York As one of the many Danish architects in the 1950’s, Finn Juhl stands out as one of the most successful international breakthroughs. To date he is one of Denmark’s most famous architects, known for his bold, sculptural forms and ultra-refined detailing. Surprisingly, unlike his fellow classmates, Juhl entered the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Architecture in Copenhagen in 1930 without any experience as a craftsman.

  8. Where To Buy? You can purchase your favorite designs by log in to our website Architect MadeROholmsvej 10A2Nd floor2620 AlbertslundDenmark Call Us: +44 203 239 1023 Email Us: Visit our Thank You!