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Wooden Fences By TotalFence Inc PowerPoint Presentation
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Wooden Fences By TotalFence Inc

Wooden Fences By TotalFence Inc

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Wooden Fences By TotalFence Inc

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  1. Wooden Fences By TotalFence Inc Total Fence Inc is a top choice of customers for wooden fencing. We provide varieties of wooden fence designs for commercial and residential properties. We take utmost care of your property by providing standard wooden fencing services in Toronto. Enroll our services and see the difference.

  2. Types Of Wood Fence Sample Chart

  3. Commercial Wood Fence : Privacy is also an important standard that commercial wood fencing meets. Total Fence Inc provide all types of commercial wood fence installation . To defend from Toronto’s weather and potential insect damage, we recommend painting or staining your commercial fencing or applying a waterproof sealer every two-three years.

  4. Residential Wood Fence : Use of templates For the purpose of residential fencing, mostly used wood fence and it can be cut as required in order to have the fence meet the shape of the client’s requirement. We offer different style of residential wood fence like Agricultural Fence Style, Residential Fence Style, Innovative Wood Fencing.

  5. Advantage Of wood Fence Use of templates Child safety Pet control Protect landscaping Add architectural enhancement Define property boundaries Privacy Add to property value

  6. Different Types of wood fencing ideas : wooden fences are available in numerous designs like: vertical board, spaced board, paddock, board on board, picket and estate. Vertical board Spaced board Paddock Board on Board Shadowbox Split Rail

  7. Maintenance Tips for Wooden Fence : Different wood deck designs and fences need different types of maintenance service & protective products. Paint, Stain and Seal : Paint on fences form a direct protective layer on the wood. High winter causes the biggest harm to wooden outdoor structures - mould formation. It not only makes for an ugly appearance but stains and health hazards too causing breathing issues. Stain and seal provides an additional layer to protect the paint work and laminates from fading. Clean Up the Leaves : Fall and winter bring in their set of natural problems subjecting your fences and decks .It doesn’t look attractive when it’s lying in your yard for days together. More so; when they rot and make a mark on the wooden surfaces. Repair and Reinstall : Changing temperatures during the day and night in winters may cause the wooden structures to contract and expand. This may lead to loose nails, weak wooden support, broken limbs, or limbs that need some touch ups, etc. Have a thorough check of your fences and deck to note any problem or worn out areas. These are some basic and quintessential maintenance tips that one should follow for preparing for winters.

  8. TotalFence INC THANK YOU Visit :