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begin enjoying your walks again with an artificial ankle rep

Recognized among the nation's foremost foot and ankle specialists, Dr. Werber is a past president of the American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons, and of the Rhode Island Podiatric Medical Association. After over 25 years of practicing in Rhode Island, he relocated to the Valley in 2006. http://www.inmotionfootandankle.com/

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begin enjoying your walks again with an artificial ankle rep

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  1. Begin Enjoying Your Walks Again with an Artificial Ankle Replacement in ArizonaHas each step you take in the Arizona sun become painful? Ankle joints which are failing can cause great discomfort and loss of mobility. Luckily through the use of a variety of different treatment options you can reduce the pain, increase mobility, and get your life back on track. One option which may be recommended is an ankle replacement. Artificial ankle replacement in Arizona is not offered by every Podiatrist Arizona has licensed. The skill required performing an ankle replacement or any foot surgery is very high. The foot, ankle, and lower leg take a tremendous amount of pressure as we walk. Then when you factor in all of the small intricate bones which make up are foot it becomes apparent this takes a special touch. This factor necessitates a podiatrist who performs these styles of surgery to be very precise in their work. The joints need to be rebuilt properly in order to allow you full mobility and strength after recovery.Is Ankle Replacement Surgery the Right Choice?Any top Podiatrist Arizona has to offer is going to be very meticulous in determining if you are a good candidate for ankle replacement or a different procedure. Depending on a wide variety of factors it may be determined an ankle fusion is preferable to the replacement procedure.Your Podiatrist will visit with you about the level of pain you are experiencing. They will want to know about your lifestyle and level of activity. They will need to know about what activities you currently engage in or would like to add into your life. By weighing these factors the podiatrist can recommend the right treatment for your condition.

  2. Is the Artificial Ankle Replacement in Arizona Covered by Insurance?In most circumstances the answer is yes. After your podiatrist completes your examination and recommends a replacement you should take a few minutes to call your insurance company and verify it is covered. Often the Doctor may offer to have one of their staff call your insurance company for pre-approval of the procedure. You may wish to inquire if any braces or other after surgery supports will be covered by your insurance plan, too. Since your feet and lower legs are load bearing it is often necessary to wear a brace or support during the post-surgical healing process. Choosing the right Podiatrist Arizona licenses to perform an artificial ankle replacement in Arizona takes some serious thought and consideration. By getting the right podiatrist you will get the results you want and be able to start enjoying those walks in Arizona once again.

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