driving your customers back again and again and again n.
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Driving your customers back… again and again and again. PowerPoint Presentation
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Driving your customers back… again and again and again.

Driving your customers back… again and again and again.

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Driving your customers back… again and again and again.

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  1. Driving your customers back… again and again and again. Tire Inflation Maintenance Program

  2. Not Nitrogen…NitroFill! While adding nitrogen inflation to your service menu may have a modest impact on your bottom line, the NitroFill Tire Inflation Maintenance Program can have a dramatic impact on your business by dramatically increasing your service drive traffic.

  3. Not Nitrogen…NitroFill! There is only one service every car and truck on the planet needs every month. Where are your customers getting it? Tire Inflation Maintenance is listed as a mandatory monthly service in every owner’s manual of every vehicle sold in this country and universally recommended and encouraged by tire manufacturers, oil companies, government institutions…even the White House. As the most popular and frequently required service for every vehicle, it should be the foundation of your customer retention efforts.

  4. The Foundation of Your Service Business NitroFill provides a comprehensive Tire Inflation Maintenance Program that combines the benefits and exclusivity of our high purity nitrogen inflation product with effective retention and marketing tools that compel your customers to return to you regularly for this simple, yet vital service…and all of their vehicle needs.

  5. The Foundation of Your Service Business Our Tire Inflation Maintenance Program rewards your customers’ participation and keeps them engaged with an amazing array of benefits, selected by you, that can include Tire Repair and Replacement coverage, Wheel Repair and Replacement benefits, Roadside Assistance, Auto Club benefits and more.

  6. The Foundation of Customer Retention The NitroFill marketing or “Cap Kit” is the heart of our Tire Inflation Maintenance Program. Each Cap Kit Includes: 5 Self-sealing, aluminum NitroFill valve caps. 1 Windshield sticker/cling. 1 Registration card/key tag. 12 Month membership in the NitroFill Auto Club including a benefit package selected by you. 14 E-Newsletters: • 1 Initial Confirmation/Thank you letter • 12 Monthly Newsletters • 1 “Your Membership is About to Expire” letter 12 Customizable Text Messages

  7. The Foundation of Customer Retention When a customer purchases a NitroFill conversion they or your staff registers their purchase at Upon registration the customer’s “Benefits Page,“ which includes all Auto Club benefit information including contact phone numbers, etc., is presented and can be printed for the customer to retain. The registration process also captures the customer’s e-mail address and all personal and vehicle information, “codes” it to your business for proper delivery of newsletters, text messages and other customer correspondences, and stores it in a data base dedicated to your business.

  8. The Foundation of Customer Retention The customer registration also triggers the release of the first correspondence to the new “Auto Club” member confirming their registration and inviting them to bring any other vehicles they, or their friends and family, may have to your facility to have their tires converted to NitroFill.

  9. The Foundation of Customer Retention Every 30 days from the registration date, each customer is sent a Newsletter from NitroFill on behalf of, and co-branded with, your business. NitroFill Newsletters are professionally produced, premium correspondences that vigorously encourage customers to return to your business for regular tire checks. They also focus on the economic, environmental and safety benefits of regular vehicle maintenance and “train” customers to return to you for all of their car care needs.

  10. The Foundation of Customer Retention Each newsletter has a “Expiration Counter” to keep the customer abreast of their membership status. Two weeks prior to the expiration of their Auto Club membership, each customer is sent a special correspondence instructing them to return to your business to purchase another NitroFill service, renewing all of their benefits for another year. Newsletters are fully automated and require no input from you. However, you can access newsletters online and add full color service coupons, interactive customer surveys, product or event announcements, and many other features.

  11. The Foundation of Customer Retention Text Messaging: Like our Newsletter feature, the NitroFill texting option is fully automated and requires no input from you unless you wish to add or change the message. All out going texts read: __________ reminds you it's time for your monthly tire pressure check. You can add whatever additional text you desire up to a total of 160 characters.

  12. The Foundation of Customer Retention In addition to monthly newsletters and text messaging, you will have access to powerful customer contact and management tools through our dedicated Dealer Website,

  13. Building and Managing Your Customer Base Through you have instant access to your member data base and an extensive arsenal of tools to manage that information and remain in contact with your customers. Features include an E-Mail Blaster that permits you to contact anyone or any group of customers or leads you chose at any time, as well as reporting features that enable you to track and contact customers whose benefits have expired, are about to expire or are simply due for a tire pressure check. Ask your NitroFill Distributor for a complete demonstration of this amazing program.

  14. Auto Club Options A 12 month membership in the NitroFill Auto Club is provided with every Cap Kit. Typical Benefits include: • Tire Road Hazard Repair & Replacement Coverage • 24 Hour Emergency Towing Service* • 24 Hour Emergency Road Service* • 24 Hour Emergency Fluid Delivery* • 24 Hour Emergency Battery Service* • Lost Key and Lockout Service* • Travel Benefits* • Theft and Hit and Run Protection* • Trip Routing Service* • Trip Interruption Protection* *Unlimited Use! Prepaid-No Reimbursements!

  15. Auto Club Options NitroFill offers numerous Cap Kits with varying Auto Club benefit packages to fit your needs. Options include lower cost Kits with diminished benefits or premium kits including options such as wheel repair and replacement features.

  16. The Foundation of Customer Retention The NitroFill Tire Inflation Maintenance Program is simple: We provide a high value product and benefit program to help you leverage the only service every vehicle needs every month into traffic. We constantly contact, encourage and reward your customers to keep them engaged and coming back to you. We provide comprehensive data base building and management tools to ensure your success and provide new marketing opportunities. All you have to do is preload or sell NitroFill to your customers. The more NitroFill members you have, the more traffic your business will enjoy.

  17. No product is easier to sell! Studies show that over 28% of general customers will say YES when asked to buy NitroFill, as opposed to nitrogen, and over 90% of customers say “YES” to NitroFill with the purchase of new tires. The average consumer visits their automotive service professional 1.2 times annually. The average NitroFill customer visits their care car professional over 4.5 times each year…almost 4 times as often!! NitroFill turns your nitrogen inflation equipment into a serious profit center AND a priceless customer retention tool that never stops working for you. Everyone wins when your customers ride on NitroFill.

  18. More Traffic, More Sales…NitroFill! For more information please call us at: 1-877-2GO-FILL (246-3455)