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World-Class Education from School in Sharjah PowerPoint Presentation
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World-Class Education from School in Sharjah

World-Class Education from School in Sharjah

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World-Class Education from School in Sharjah

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  2. ABOUT US Established in the year 2013, ASPAM Indian International School provides quality education, identifies and nurtures the uniqueness of each child by tapping their hidden unique potential and grooming them to their very best. ASPAM Group of schools is an initiative of Gulf Petrochem Group, a leading player in oil space, believing to embrace innovation and bringing change with the times but always staying true to their founding value. ASPAMIIS SCHOOL

  3. Schools in Sharjah ASPAM Indian International School is one of the pioneering. It is established to make sure that the children who come here for studies may get a quality education. We follow CBSE curriculum and our teaching methodology is simple and smart because we want that our students understand the concepts of particular subject efficiently.

  4. KINDERGARTEN The Kindergarten program at ASPAM IIS is a blend of the ECCE practices as prescribed by the CBSE Board and the best practices of EYFS, U.K. Our Kindergarten scholastic framework focuses on Learning & Development, Observations and Assessments. The SEVEN areas of Learning and Development underpins SEVENTEEN Early Learning Goals. Our curriculum planning also emphasizes on developing children’s skills. We incorporate cross curricular links, continuous provisions and hands on activities in our daily teaching and learning

  5. OUR VISION SCHOOL VISION OUR MOTTO OUR VISION OUR MISSION To facilitate the holistic growth and development of a generation of young people who believe that they can be active participants in the creation of a better world To deliver high-quality education that combines the rigour of the Indian CBSE syllabus with a global perspective and the best international methodologies I AM ME, I AM UNIQUE

  6. CONTACT US 006 567 7347 Main Address Website Call Us Al Azra, Sharjah, UAE 45232, United Arab Emirates 006 567 7372