how do we empower a growing n.
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How do we empower a growing number of small enterprises PowerPoint Presentation
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How do we empower a growing number of small enterprises

How do we empower a growing number of small enterprises

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How do we empower a growing number of small enterprises

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  1. How do We Empower a Growing Number of Small Enterprises?

  2. The massive leaps in technology that humanity has achieved over just one century are remarkable. Seeing the success of these former “dwarf” companies empowers other entrepreneurs to develop their businesses. Join Microfinance Revolution

  3. Entering the tech market comes down to fund-raising and preparing the company financially. Thus, the importance of banks and small credit companies comes into play. Join Microfinance Revolution

  4. AssetStream will streamline, simplify and amplify accessibility to small loans reducing pressure on borrowers with blockchain integration. Join Microfinance Revolution

  5. AssetStream lending process 1. Lender applies on the platform and is approved. 2. Lender then invests a sum of his or her choosing. 3. Lender gets to choose whether to automate the lending process or manage it manually. Join Microfinance Revolution

  6. 1. Local Agency Service acts as an intermediary between the lender and the borrower and receives AST Tokens equivalent to the initially invested funds by the Lender. 2. These tokens will act as collateral. 3. Lender receives monthly interest on initial investment in the last month of the contract. Join Microfinance Revolution

  7. AssetStream brings financial strength and growth stimulus Small Loan Availability - SMEs are encouraged to apply for small loans Automation - Lender seeks borrower, not the other way around. Transaction costs & speed - smaller transaction fees and less intervention. Transparency - contracts are displayed for the involved to see, which leads to fewer legal misunderstanding and more streamlined experience. Join Microfinance Revolution

  8. Plan to grow your enterprise Instead of the borrower searching for the lender, AssetStream aims to auto- mate the process or reverse it com- pletely. It is one of the best options to save time while searching for a lender. Join Microfinance Revolution

  9. 1.7 Billion Adults Globally Need P2P Microfinancing 1AST = 0.01 USD Token Sale Starts May 27th Powered by Stellar High Yields With Controllable Risk On the Blockchain Join Now