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AstroVedic Gemstone

"Gemstones are one of the most powerful devices used for Remedies in Astrology. Get semi precious gemstones, list of gemstones and know why to use gemstones, gemstones prices from us. "

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AstroVedic Gemstone

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  1. Astro Vedic Gemstones Gemstones are one of the most powerful devices used for Remedies in Astrology. Get your gemstone or gemstone jewelry that suits you. We offer you all variety of semi precious gemstone www.AstroDevam.com

  2. Astro Vedic Ruby (Manikya) Ruby/ Manikya Gemstone, ruled by Lord Sun. • Benefits • Use of ruby increases and improves wealth and property. • Ruby keeps an evil eye away from its users. • It is Significator of power, dignity, respect and authority. • It gives commanding power and better relationship. Astro Vedic Amethyst (Kataila) It is the secondary gemstone for Saturn. • Benefits • It is used to get relief from Headache, sugar imbalance and indigestion. • It cures excessive stomach pain. • It is used for healing lungs disorder. • It is used for mental illness and anxiety. • It is used for blood and breathing problems. • It is best used for treating central nervous system. http:// www.AstroDevam.com

  3. Blue Sapphire (Neelam, Indraneel) Blue sapphire stone, also known as Shani Ratna • Benefits • Opens new opportunities for user. • Wish and desires come true. • Helps you in your education background. • Removes your marital problems. Cat's eye (Vaidurya Mani. Vidalaksha, Lehsunia) Cat's eye stone is an opaque gemstone ruled by Ketu. Benefits • It is the significator of success. • Prevents you from unexpected mish happening. • Protects you from evil spirit. • Boosts up confidence and over all energy. • Blesses you with great wealth and health. http:// www.AstroDevam.com

  4. Citrine Octagon • Cures ailments such as cough, fever, indigestion and liver related diseases. • Effective for curing psychological problems. • Removes over-anxiousness, mental disorders, nervous disorders, and suicidal tendencies. Yellow Topaz • Yellow topaz is secondary gemstone of Topaz family, overpowered by Lord Guru. • Benefits • Growth in business.  • Excellent for those, who are in search of job.  • Beneficial for patients suffering from jaundice, diabetic, obesity, cholera, hysteria and liver problems.  • Users are skilled to higher education and longevity. http:// www.AstroDevam.com

  5. Emerald (Markat Mani, Panna) • It is the significator of intelligence, brainpower and memory. •  Emerald gem offers the user, education, authorship and intuition. • It is best for commerce and mercantile activities. • Writers and journalists also use Emerald gemstones for best results. • Nervous breakdowns, dumbness, speech disorders. •  Diseases relating to the abdomen, eyes, nose, nervous system, debility, blood pressure and ulcer. Feroza (Turquoise) • It gives status and respect in society. • Enhances mind and communication. • Offers you innovative power of mind. • Improves self-esteem and confidence. • Protect from evil spirit. • It contains healing property. • Increases muscular strength. http:// www.AstroDevam.com

  6. Hessonite (Gomed, Gomedha) • It increases health, wealth and prosperity. • It helps in childbirth. • It is best for those who are involved in court cases or any disputes. • It helps to get rid from enemy. • It for those who have marital problems. • It gives you confidence and energy. • It also cures many diseases. Iolite (Kaka Nili) • It improves mental and thinking power. • It helps in building good relationship. • It is best gemstone for meditation and concentration. • It raises the inner knowledge. • It makes you a responsible person. • It works as natural healer. • It removes dis-harmony in relationships. • It increases self-confidence. http:// www.AstroDevam.com

  7. Lapis Lazuli (Lājward/ Lajvart) • Increase vitality and strength. • It cures fever, depression, melancholia, neuralgia. • Improves oxygenation of blood and immune system. • It balances hormone and other disorder. • It also keeps you away from depression. • It is also used in liver and stomach problems. Moonstone (Chandra Kant Mani) • It brings good fortune. • Offers protection on land and sea. • Promotes inspiration. • Works as healing gemstone. • It prevent from Constipation, cardiac troubles, eye diseases, Cold, cough, worms, intestinal disorders, tumours, throat troubles, asthma, cancer, typhoid and diseases relating to nerves, intestines, uterus. http:// www.AstroDevam.com

  8. Green Onyx • Attracts positive energy and repels negative energy. • It is beneficial for all chakra. • It boosts your self-confidence. • Increases your courage and concentration. Astro Vedic Opal • It provides great good luck. • It adds extra charm to your personality. • It helps you a lot in your career, finance, children and health. • Opals can solve problems related to every aspects of life. • It enhances Meditation and memory and balances your energy. http:// www.AstroDevam.com

  9. Pearl (Mukta, Moti) • It strengthens the social status. • Influences people around you. • Improves concentration level. • White pearl balances emotional life and provides good memory. • Users are blessed by love, affection, good sleep and good heart. Astro Vedic Peridot • It protects against psychic attack. • It brings spirituality in users. • It brings light and beauty in user’s life. • Users steer away from misunderstanding and confusions. • It brings warmth in user’s personality. http:// www.AstroDevam.com

  10. Contact Us Astro Vāstu Kendra Ground Floor-39 (Gate No. - 3), Ansal Fortune Arcade, Sector-18, Noida - 201 301 Delhi NCR, India. Phone: +91-120 - 4233339 (11:00 AM to 06:00 PM IST +5:30 Hours from GMT) Customer Helpline: +91-9650511113 Special Queries: +91- 9910833339, +91-9650411118 Email : astro@astrodevam.com http:// www.AstroDevam.com

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