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Gemstone | Gems Benefits | Gemstone Powers - Chakrayog

Natural Gemstones strengthen the role of planetary powers in your life and can boost your fortunes as they add cosmic colours to your Chakras.

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Gemstone | Gems Benefits | Gemstone Powers - Chakrayog

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  1. GEMSTONE TREATMENTs To Read More About Gemstone, Please Visit: http://www.chakrayog.com/Articles/Gemstones.aspx

  2. BLEACHING – a chemical used to alter / reduce a component of, or the entire color, of a porous gem. Some gemstones are bleached and then dyed, a form of “combination treatment These sections of jadeite show the material as it looks before and after bleaching. Cultured pearls are routinely bleached to achieve uniformity of color.

  3. SURFACE COATING – altering a gem’s appearance by applying a coloring agent like paint Tanzanite – Though rarely used, tanzanites have been coated to improve the intensity of their blue-violet color. The intense pink color of these three diamonds is the result of a surface coating Quartz – Occasionally, quartz is coated with metal oxides to create colors rarely seen in natural quartz.

  4. DYEING – introducing colored dyes into porous or fractured gems to change their color. Such fractures are sometimes purposely induced by heating the gem so that an otherwise non-porous material can more readily accept the dye. Dyed Coral is initially bleached and then dyed. Pearls – Dye often improves the appearance of lower–quality natural and cultured pearls by enhancing their color.

  5. FRACTURE OR CAVITY FILLING – filling surface-reaching fractures or cavities with a glass, resin, wax or oil to conceal their visibility and to improve the apparent clarity of gem materials, appearance, stability, or in extreme cases—to add to a slight amount of weight to a gem. The filling materials vary from being solids (a glass) to liquids (oils), and in most cases, they are colorless . Surface reaching fractures in diamonds can be filled with molten lead glass, lessening the appearance of the fractures. Ruby – Numerous surface-reaching fractures are filled with a glass to lessen their visibility and make the gem more transparent than it really is. Emerald – Surface-reaching fractures in emerald are sometimes filled with essential oils, other oils, waxes, and “artificial resins”

  6. HEAT TREATMENT – the exposure of a gem to high temperatures for the purpose of altering its color and/or clarity. Amethyst – Heating can remove unwanted brownish inclusions in some amethysts or lighten the color of overly dark stones. Pale sapphires that were once discarded in the mining process were treated to a desirable color of blue when heated in a controlled environment. Ruby – Heating can remove purplish coloration rendering a more pure red color. The process can also remove “silk” (minute needle–like inclusions)

  7. HIGH PRESSURE, HIGH TEMPERATURE (HPHT) TREATMENT High pressure, high temperature treatments can alter the atomic structure of some types of diamonds, in this case removing the brownish coloration and turning the diamond colorless.

  8. IRRADIATION – exposure of a gem to an artificial source of radiation to change its color. Colorless and other diamonds (left) can be artificially irradiated causing a variety of colors. Some of the irradiated colors are then heated as a second step, resulting in additional colors (group right).

  9. LASER DRILLING – this involves using a narrow focused beam of laser light to burn an open channel from the surface of a diamond to reach dark inclusions. This is generally followed by the use of a chemical forced into the channel to dissolve or alter the appearance of the inclusion. Diamonds are the only gemstones to be treated in this fashion, in part because only they can withstand the heat of a laser.

  10. Gemstone Cuts Counterfeit Gemstones Artificial and imitation gems are of various kinds. Synthetic stones are made in the laboratory of the same chemical elements as natural stones. Among the synthetic gems produced commercially are rubies, sapphires, diamonds, emeralds, and spinel's. Imitation pearls are glass or plastic beads coated with a preparation made from fish scales. A cultured pearl is made by inserting a small bead inside the oyster; the irritation causes the oyster to deposit pearly material upon the bead, leading to the formation of a pearl.

  11. RudrakshaRatna Science Therapy RRST uses the research information wherein chakras have been mapped accurately to correct fingers and body positions and as per your specific concerns, you are recommended a combination of Rudraksha & Gemstone to empower the specific chakras and thus activate the process of healing and empowerment. RRST gemstone rings and bracelets are made from gems, herbs and metals that 'resonate' to a particular planet. Alongside of planetary gemstones, bhasma prepared during the process of planetary homa which utilizes the planetary herb is placed inside one tube and a metal that enhances the planetary effects is placed in the other tube. The Gemstone is then energized with the specific Beeja mantra on its particular day that empowers it to remove all malefic effects of that particular planet and strengthen the benefic effects. Such a Gemstone ring/bracelet will only provide beneficial results to the wearer. The first century Greek metaphysical philosopher Agrippa describes briefly the process. "When any star ascends fortunately we must take a stone and herb that is under that star, and make a ring of the metal that is suitable to this star, and in it fasten the stone, putting the herb or root under it, not omitting the inscriptions of images, names and characters".

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