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NHS Improvement Supporting Local Teams PowerPoint Presentation
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NHS Improvement Supporting Local Teams

NHS Improvement Supporting Local Teams

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NHS Improvement Supporting Local Teams

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    1. NHS Improvement Supporting Local Teams Dr Janet Williamson National Director

    3. As 10 year survival rates have doubled in the last 30 years, the total number living longer is growing

    4. The National Cancer Survivorship Initiative will consider a range of approaches to survivorship care and how these can best be tailored to meet individual patients needs CRS December 2007

    5. NHS Improvement Formed in April 2008 Small national team Reporting directly to Professor Mike Richards Over 8 years experience and expertise in practical improvement and patient pathway redesign across cancer, diagnostics, heart and stroke Working with and through clinical networks and local clinical teams

    6. NHS Improvement Practical improvement arm to support delivery/implementation Leading and supporting test sites Priorities generated through national policies Cancer Reform Strategy (2007) CHD NSF Stroke Strategy Diagnostics (radiology, pathology) Disseminating best practice, improvement tools and latest improvement stories Facilitating learning with local clinical teams and networks

    7. Practical tools and techniques available which will follow A systematic approach to service improvement Involve carers, survivors, patients, professionals, NHS, charities survey (2007) Generate up to date information through Newsletter Discussion forums NHS Improvement System project reporting Learning events for test communities National events National website Provide support through experienced national team of clinicians and managers pp

    8. National team Gilmour Frew, Director (Adults) Patricia Morris, Director (Children & Young People) Louise Fowler, National Improvement Lead Alison Wetherall, National Improvement Lead Jane Maher, National Clinical Lead Alistair Smith, National Clinical Lead Adam Glazier, National Clinical Lead Nina Webb, PA Joy Bartley, PA

    9. The focus for the next year will be to test what is possible and how, focussed on:- New models of care delivery with greater coordination between survivor, organisations, carers and professions individualised care based around needs of the survivor Self management Health and well being for a normal life Looking for innovative approaches, new and adapted ways Developing clear learning, principles and new models for the future Planning for national spread of approaches

    12. Today.. Generate ideas Shape the direction Make connections

    13. Further details 0116 222 5112