how to use quotations effectively n.
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How to use quotations effectively. PowerPoint Presentation
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How to use quotations effectively.

How to use quotations effectively.

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How to use quotations effectively.

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  1. How to use quotations effectively.

  2. What is a quotation? • Quoting means repeating what someone has said or written. • When a character says something in a play or novel they are speaking. When you repeat what the character says in your essay you are quoting the character. • Whenever you use something the author has written your are quoting from the text.

  3. How a quotation should be displayed. • Whenever you use a quotation in your essay you must use speech marks or quotation marks, these are sometimes called inverted commas. • Wherever possible you should also give a page reference to show where you found the quote.

  4. Why should you use quotations? • Imagine that your essay is to convince your teacher or the marker of your opinion. • The quotation is your supporting evidence that helps persuade the teacher that what you are saying is true. • Quotes add validity to your argument in your essay.

  5. Why use quotations? • Quotations are vital in supporting your own ideas. • Quotations should not take the place of your own ideas or be used to retell the story.

  6. Using a quotation is like building a burger.

  7. Copy down the quotation burger and label the parts. • Introduction to your quote. The first piece of bread is an introduction to your quote. After making your POINT, give some background or context and explain how it illustrates your argument.

  8. Copy down the quotation burger and label the parts. • The quote is the middle of the burger. The middle of the burger must always be supported by the two pieces of bread. Remember the QUOTATION is your EVIDENCE.

  9. Copy down the quotation burger and label the parts. • The second piece of burger bun is the comment on your quote. You must support your quotation. Why is it interesting? What does it reveal about character/plot/language etc? EXPLAIN how your quote supports your ideas.

  10. Using quotation in your essay. • Always remember the burger – do your quotations have an introduction, quotation and explanation?

  11. Look at your quotation burger diagram. • Which words have you underlined? • 1 – POINT • 2 – QUOTATION/EVIDENCE • 3 - EXPLAIN

  12. Think of this as P, E, E. Remember when using a quote in your essay you should always:- POINT - EVIDENCE – EXPLAIN You should always include lots of PEE in your essays!

  13. After writing your essay. • You must always read through your essay to ensure you have made no mistakes. • Does each of your points have a supporting quote. • Check your spelling, punctuation and grammar. • Never put sub-titles in your essay, it should be a continuous piece of writing.