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  1. EMERGENCY An urgent response to the flooding in Pakistan.

  2. Huge regions of Pakistan have been flooded covering an area which is roughly equal to the whole of England. • More than 1,600 people have died. • 14 million people have been severely affected. • Infrastructure has collapsed in many areas.

  3. As rains continue, so do the floods and the devastation. • This disaster is now the second worst natural disaster ever. • The scale of devastation is even bigger than the 2004 Tsunami.

  4. The Salvation Army is already delivering aid to areas like Risalpur, Peshawar in the North West of Pakistan. • Aid has included survival packs, bedding, blankets, cooking equipment and buckets to collect clean water.

  5. The Salvation Army wants to, and needs to do so much more for the thousands yet to be reached. • More aid is needed and The Salvation Army in Pakistan can source that aid locally if they have the financial support they need to do the job.

  6. PRAY • For the survivors and against further deaths and disease. • For aid to reach those in need and enough money to be raised to meet the vast needs. • For aid workers including Salvation Army staff and volunteers. • For the future of Pakistan and the rebuilding of a nation. • For the people of Pakistan to remain in our consciousness and prayers and for hope to be restored through action.

  7. LEADER: • Loving God, we are overwhelmed by the devastation and the scale of the disaster in Pakistan. Yet we believe that you grieve and mourn with the families who have lost loved ones. You know the pain of injury and the anxiety of lost livelihoods that they feel and understand the uncertainty of the millions who have been forced into even more extreme poverty than they knew before. • ALL: • God of all creation, bring comfort to those who mourn, assurance to those who are uncertain and healing to hurt and injury.

  8. LEADER: • God our provider, we ask for an overflow of giving and an outpouring of good aid that reaches even the most remote people in the flooded lands of Pakistan. We pray against further loss of life and the spread of disease and we ask that the storms will calm and the waters will be contained. We pray also for those that administer the aid and relief. Be their strength and guide and give them wisdom and discernment as they seek to serve suffering humanity. • ALL: • God of hope, be glorified in the acts of service, the meeting of need and the healing of hurt. Prompt us to prayer and intercession for the survivors now and for the nation as it recovers and eventually rebuilds.

  9. LEADER: • God of mercy, hear our prayers for Pakistan. May our prayers be kept from being just hollow rhetoric. May our prayers be the cry of the hearts of a merciful and loving people, guided by your love, transformed by your Spirit, inspired by our faith and motivated to tangible action. • ALL: • Lord of all, may we be a people of action, generous in prayer, giving and continued attention to the plight of our global neighbours. May your kingdom come and your will be done in Pakistan. • AMEN.

  10. ONLINE: PHONE: 0800 028 9111 TEXT: Text ‘PAKISTAN’ to 70700 to donate £5* *Text Costs £5 plus network charge. The Salvation Army receives at least £4.21. Obtain bill payers permission. Charity No 214779 CHEQUE & COLLECTION: Cheques payable to ‘The Salvation Army’ and sent to: Pakistan Disaster Appeal The Salvation Army, Freepost KE3466, London, SE1 6BP TO DONATE

  11. For info & regular updates:

  12. To donate £5 now text ‘PAKISTAN’ to 70700 Text Costs £5 plus network charge. The Salvation Army receives at least £4.21. Obtain bill payers permission. Charity No 214779

  13. £4 can provide a person with a blanket £6 can provide a family with cooking pots and materials £8 can provide a family with a food pack for the day £13 can provide a family with temporary shelter £28 can provide a family with clean water for a week £100 can provide a family with a tent What your donation will buy