the m 9 9mm service pistol n.
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THE M-9 9MM SERVICE PISTOL PowerPoint Presentation
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  2. PURPOSE • The purpose of this presentation is to provide you with the skills and knowledge to fire the 9mm pistol and to maintain it by proper cleaning techniques.

  3. DESCRIPTION • The M9 9mm service pistol is a semi-automatic, magazine fed, recoil-operated, double-action weapon, chambered for the 9mm cartridge.

  4. CHARACTERISTICS • Weight with full magazine: • 2.54 pounds • Weight without magazine: • 2.12 pounds • Magazine capacity: • 15 round • Maximum range: • 1,800 meters

  5. CHARACTERISTICS • Maximum effective range: • 50 meters • Trigger pull single action: • 4.0 to 6.5 pounds • Trigger pull double action: • 7.5 to 16.5 pounds



  8. Receiver

  9. The Slide Assembly

  10. Recoil Spring and Guide

  11. Barrel Assembly

  12. SAFETY FEATURES • Ambidextrous Safety • For use by left and right-handed shooters. • Lowers hammer safely without discharge of a round

  13. Ambidextrous Safety

  14. SAFETY FEATURES • The Firing Pin Block • Prevents any motion of the firing pin, by placing a block in front of the firing pin.


  16. SAFETY FEATURES • The Half Cock Notch • Prevents accidental discharge of the pistol, by not allowing the hammer to strike the firing pin.

  17. SAFETY FEATURES • Extractor/loaded Chamber indicator • When a round is chambered, the head of the extractor projects out from the surface of the slide, indicating a loaded weapon.

  18. DISASSEMBLY • Before disassembly: • Ensure the weapon is CLEAR! • Allow slide to return fully forward.

  19. DISASSEMBLY and GENERAL PERSONAL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS • Ensure weapon is unloaded when picked up. • Never trust your memory, assume every pistol is loaded. • ALWAYS unload pistol if setting it down or handing it to someone else.

  20. DISASSEMBLY • Hold Pistol in right hand, muzzle slightly elevated. • With forefinger, press disassembly button (3)

  21. DISASSEMBLY • With your thumb, rotate disassembly lever downward (4). • Remove the slide assembly by pulling it forward (5).

  22. DISASSEMBLY • Slightly compress the recoil spring and guide, while at the same time, lift and carefully remove. • Allow the spring to stretch slowly. • Separate the two pieces.

  23. DISASSEMBLY • Push in on the locking block plunger (8) while pushing barrel forward slightly. • Lift and remove locking block (10) and barrel assembly from slide (12).

  24. CLEANING • SLIDE ASSEMBLY • Clean slide assembly with a soft brush, CLP, and a soft cloth. • Use soft brush and CLP to remove excess dirt and carbon buildup. • Wipe dry with a cloth and apply a light coat of CLP.

  25. CLEANING • BARREL ASSEMBLY • Insert bore brush into chamber end of barrel. Push all the way through, making sure it completely clears the muzzle before it is pulled back through the bore. • Repeat several times to loosen carbon deposits.

  26. CLEANING • BARREL ASSEMBLY • Attach the bore brush to the cleaning rod and push all the way through barrel. • Repeat several times. • Replace brush with swab and repeat steps until a clean swab can be observed. • Use a soft brush, CLP, and soft cloth to clean excess carbon buildup. • Apply a light coat of CLP to the barrel.

  27. CLEANING • RECOIL SPRING AND RECOIL SPRING GUIDE • Clean recoil spring and recoil guide using CLP and a soft brush or cloth. • After wiping the recoil spring and recoil spring guide, apply a light coat of CLP.

  28. CLEANING • RECEIVER ASSEMBLY • Wipe receiver assembly clean with a cloth. • Use soft brush for hard to clean areas. Pay attention to disassembly lever, trigger, slide stop, hammer, and magazine release button.

  29. ASSEMBLEY OF THE M9 SERVICE PISTOL • Grasp the slide with the bottom facing up. • With the other hand, grasp the barrel assembly with the locking block facing up. • Insert the barrel assembly into the forward open end of the slide.

  30. ASSEMBLEY OF THE M9 SERVICE PISTOL • At the same time, lower the rear of the barrel assembly by slightly moving the barrel downward with light pressure. • The barrel will fall into place.

  31. ASSEMBLEY OF THE M9 SERVICE PISTOL • Insert end of recoil spring and recoil spring guide into slide recoil housing. At the same time, compress the recoil spring guide until fully seated onto the locking block cutaway.

  32. ASSEMBLEY OF THE M9 SERVICE PISTOL • Grasp the slide and barrel assembly, sights up, and align the slide onto the receiver assembly guide rails.

  33. ASSEMBLEY OF THE M9 SERVICE PISTOL • Push until the rear of the slide is a short distance beyond the rear of the receiver assembly and hold.

  34. ASSEMBLEY OF THE M9 SERVICE PISTOL • At the same time, rotate the disassembly latch upward. A click indicates a positive lock


  36. CONDITION 4 • Magazine Removed • Chamber is Empty • Slide forward • Weapon on safe

  37. CONDITION 3 • Magazine inserted • Chamber Empty • Slide forward • Weapon on safe

  38. CONDITION 2 • Does not apply to the M9 9mm SERVICE PISTOL

  39. CONDITION 1 • Magazine inserted • Round in chamber • Slide forward • Hammer Down • Weapon on safe

  40. 4 SAFTEY RULES • Treat EVERY Weapon as if it were loaded. • NEVER point a weapon at any thing you do not intend to shoot. • Keep your finger straight off the trigger until ready to fire. • Keep the weapon on safe until you intend to fire.

  41. MARKSMANSHIP • Is the ability to hit the target where you want to hit the target. • By applying the basic principles of Marksmanship. • Sight Alignment • Sight Picture.

  42. SIGHT ALIGNMENT • Is when the front sight tip is flush and centered with the rear sight notch.

  43. Front Sight REAR SIGHT

  44. SIGHT PICTURE • Is the positioning of the weapons sights in relation to the target as seen by the shooter when aiming the weapon.

  45. Sight Placement



  48. WEAVER STANCE • The shooters body is bladed at approximately a 45 degree angle to the target. • The feet should be about shoulder width apart from each other.