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E-Auction Software

This is an e-auction web site that supports companies to reduce cost by using this web based software. In your first e-bidding event using our web site e-Auction software you can save over 5% on your current contract prices.

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E-Auction Software

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  1. E - Auction http://www.bideg.com Lcc Suppliers & Bideg.com

  2. E – AuctionE-auction Global MarketplaceBuyers and Suppliers http://www.bideg.com • E-Auction software which is easy to useforsuppliers, professional solution with transparent pricing. • Online Purchasingprocesswithlive, competitive activityimmediatepricingfeedback. • Types: Reverse, Dutch, Japon, Second Item

  3. E – AuctionKey benefits for you using E-auctions? http://www.bideg.com • Save costs with E-Auction Software: Average cost savings compared to current prices from %10 to 15%. (Source:E-Sourcing in Procurement, 2012) • Transparency: E-auction can help all participants understand the true market value and where they are in terms of cost. • Increase Number of Potential Suppliers: More suppliers are included compared to conventional RFQ process

  4. Supplier: LowestBid! Supplier 3 Supplier 4 Supplier 5 Supplier 2 Buyer Supplier 1 Supplier 6 http://www.bideg.com

  5. E – Auction http://www.bideg.com WHERETO USE E-AUCTIONS?

  6. E – AuctionWhat Can be Sourced throughE-auction? http://www.bideg.com • RawMaterial

  7. E – AuctionCan Car Rentalbe E-auctioned? http://www.bideg.com • Car Rental

  8. E – AuctionWhat types of services are best suited for ? http://www.bideg.com • Telephone Expense

  9. E – AuctionWheretouse E-auction? http://www.bideg.com • Strategic transportationsourcing

  10. E – auctionWheretouseE-auction? http://www.bideg.com • Scrap (Steel, Copper, aluminium vb)

  11. E – AuctionBest E-auctionCommodities http://www.bideg.com • Investment

  12. E – AuctionWheretouse E-auction? http://www.bideg.com • Marketing services, Office Equipment, Electrical Components,Packaging, Construction, IT Hardware, Furniture, Human Resource Services, etccategories in whichsuccesful E-auctions can be conducted.

  13. E – AuctionBidegPricingandsupport? http://www.bideg.com • One E-auctiontrialfor FREE. • 3 Alternative Services fromBideg 1: AnnualLicenceFee+ User Training+ someeventmonitoringactivity 2:AnnualLicenceFee+ identify most suitablecommodities for e-auction +creating e-auction+ User Training + managingtheevent 3: Cost Per E-auction(One,Five,Ten) + User Training+ someeventmonitoringactivity • Lcc Suppliers.com FreeMembership(e-RFQ & e-RFI) • 1, 2, or 3-year membershipBenefits

  14. E – Auctionwww.bideg.com http://www.bideg.com How E-auctionworks? - Simple, User Friendlyandfast! • InFourstepsyou can createthe E-auctionEvent. • 1.Bid Details • 2.Auction Lots • 3.Invite Supplier(invitationbyEmail) • 4.Upload Files(Specification, costBreakdown, NDA etc)

  15. www.bideg.com How bideg.com works? InFourstepsyou can create E-auctionEvent. http://www.bideg.com

  16. 1. Step: Biddetails http://www.bideg.com

  17. 2. Step: AddAuctionLots http://www.bideg.com

  18. 3. Step: Invitesupplier http://www.bideg.com

  19. 4. Step: UploadBidFiles http://www.bideg.com

  20. www.bideg.com Running an Auction as a Buyer! http://www.bideg.com

  21. Simple ArchivingandReporting http://www.bideg.com

  22. Define the  types of E-auctions? http://www.bideg.com • Reverse auction –Mostcommonone. 3 types of ReverseAuction: Rankonly, Rankandotherbids, Full Disclosure • Second itemauction- quantitybasedauction • DutchAuction • JapaneseAuction

  23. E – AuctionReverse Auction http://www.bideg.com REVERSE AUCTION:is an auction where the roles of suppliersare reversed and the primary objective is to drive purchase prices downward.

  24. E – AuctionReverseAuction1: RankOnly! http://www.bideg.com Bidders can see only theirbid and rank; they cannotsee the leading bid… Needs at least 4to 8 suppliersfora successfulevent.

  25. E – AuctionReverseAuction2:RankandOtherBids! http://www.bideg.com RANK AND OTHER BIDS Do youwantthem to see the leading bid and their rank? Bidders can see theother bidsand theirrank.

  26. www.bideg.com www.bideg.com requires NO investment in infrastructure for our clients and potential suppliers. Youonly need access to a browser . THANK YOU! sourcing@lccsuppliers.com http://www.bideg.com

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