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Applications of Acrylic Sheets - Blue Rhine PowerPoint Presentation
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Applications of Acrylic Sheets - Blue Rhine

Applications of Acrylic Sheets - Blue Rhine

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Applications of Acrylic Sheets - Blue Rhine

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  1. Applications of Acrylic Sheets Blue Rhine – Acrylic Suppliers in the UAE & GCC

  2. What is Acrylic Plastic? • Acrylic is a synthetic polymer which is transparent, durable and resistant to weather and reactions. • It is a popular alternative to glass. • It is lightweight and 10X stronger than glass. • It can be tinted and colored, bent, heated, glued together, drilled on and cut easily.

  3. Applications of AcrylicAquariums • Acrylic sheet is used in the manufacture of small and large aquariums. • Since it is lightweight, tough and transparent, it makes a great glass alternative in the making for large aquariums. • Unlike glass, acrylic does not give the green tint with larger thickness. • World Famous aquariums like the Dubai Aquarium at the Dubai Mall is made from gluing large panels of acrylic.

  4. Applications of AcrylicSignage • Acrylic sheets are very popular in the making of signs in the UAE. • It can be cut easily, colored or tinted which makes it a great choice for signage. • With proper coating, these sheets can be resistant to UV light, dirt, scratch and chemical. • The trademark signages of the Dubai Mall is made from acrylic sheet.

  5. Applications of AcrylicStructural Glazing • Dubai is a city of beautiful glass skyscrapers. Tinted cast acrylic sheets are used in the glazing. • Cast Acrylic are stronger and durable. It is weather resistant and can be used in the construction of windows and structuring glazing. • Cast acrylic is also used in the manufacture of bullet proof window and skylights.

  6. Applications of AcrylicFurniture & Splash backs • Acrylic sheets are used in making light furniture such as coffee table, wall shelves and kitchen cabinets. • Being highly flexible to work on, acrylic can be used in ergonomic furniture designs. • Mirrored acrylic sheets are used in making cost-effective mirrored furniture such as shelfs and cupboards. • Acrylic is smooth and are available in multitudes of glossy colors with waterproof coatings which makes it an excellent choice for kitchen and bathroom splash backs.

  7. Applications of AcrylicVisors & Aeroplane Canopies • Acrylic is used in the manufacture of helmet visors and underwater goggles. • It does not shatter into tiny pieces like glass upon high impact or breakage. This make it ideal for making transparent protective wear. • Acrylic sheet is used in making aeroplane canopies being lightweight and strong enough to withstand the high pressure.

  8. Thanks for Reading Acrylic is great invention which is used in largescale industries. Blue Rhine headquartered in Dubai is one of the largest distributors of high-quality Acrylic Sheets across the UAE and the GCC. We supply sheets from the leading global brands. Visit our website to learn about the services and products we offer in the sign making, construction and advertising industries. Website: