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In-depth Research on China Solid Waste Disposal Industry, 2014-2018 PowerPoint Presentation
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In-depth Research on China Solid Waste Disposal Industry, 2014-2018

In-depth Research on China Solid Waste Disposal Industry, 2014-2018

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In-depth Research on China Solid Waste Disposal Industry, 2014-2018

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  1. In-depth Research on China Solid Waste Disposal Industry, 2014-2018

  2. Report Overview: Solid waste can be classified into three categories, which are household waste, industrial solid waste and hazardous solid waste. Competition of solid waste industry: the barriers to enter into solid waste disposal industry are high, and much higher than those of sewage treatment industry, as the industry requires excellent business performance, high technology, government support and sustainable investment ability. At present, the overall development of the industry in China is far from complete, but the domestic waste disposal industry is getting relatively mature, followed by industrial hazardous waste disposal industry, sludge treatment and kitchen waste disposal industries. Now, the enterprise competition mainly focuses on the waste incineration power generation field. Read more details at: Big Market Research estimates: in the future few years, the generation of industrial solid waste disposal will keep increasing at a speed of 10% per year, reaching 4.4 billion tons in 2014, 6.4 billion tons in 2018.

  3. Report Overview: At present, there are 12 enterprises in China that have possessed a certain influence and scale in the industry (namely, Hangzhou Jinjiang Group, China Environmental Protection Corp, Dynaree, Shanghai Environmental Protection (Group) Co., Ltd, China Everbright International Limited, Sound Group, Weiming Group, Shenzhen Energy, China Sciences Group, Capital Environment Holdings Limited, and Veolia, etc.).By the end of 2013, those 12 enterprises possessed total 196 projects, including projects under operation, construction and preparation. By that time, the capacity ofwaste incineration has reached 200,000 tons, and this figure has reached the newly added target in the 12th Five Year Planning. Now, there are 87 waste incineration projects put into operation among the total 196 project, disposing 95,000 tons per day. Those 12 enterprises have already taken up two thirds of China’s waste incineration market, in which, 9 enterprises have signed new project contracts in 2013, and the total 48 new projects will contribute a disposal capacity of 47,100 tons per day.

  4. Table of Contents: 1. Overview of Solid Waste Disposal Industry in China 1.1 Definition 1.2 Industry Periodicity 1.2.1 Industry Development Cycle 1.2.2 Maturity of Industry Segmentation 2. Development Overview of Global Solid Waste Disposal Market 2.1Global Market 2.2 Asian Market 2.3 European Market 2.4 South & North American Market 3.Environment Analysis onChina’s Solid Waste Disposal Industry 3.1 Economic Development Environment 3.2 Relevant Policy and Standard

  5. Table of Contents: 4.Current Status of China’s Solid Waste Disposal Market 4.1 Current Status of Development 4.2 Characteristics 4.3 Existing Problems and Solutions 5. Technology Development of China’s Solid Waste Disposal Industry 5.1 Current Technology Development 5.2 Technology Maturity 5.3 China and Foreign Technology Gaps and Major Causes 5.4 Strategy to Improve Technology Level 6. Development of China’s Solid Waste Disposal Market Segmentation 6.1Industrial Solid Waste Market 6.2 Household Waste Disposal Market 6.3Hazardous Solid Waste Disposal Market 6.3.1Hazardous Solid Waste Disposal Market 6.3.2Medical Solid Waste Disposal Market

  6. Table of Contents: 7. Competition Pattern of China’s Solid Waste Disposal Industry 7.1Competition Pattern 7.2 Industry Concentration Ratio 7.3 Future Competition Conditions 8.Major Solid Waste Disposal Enterprises in China 8.1Grandblue Environment Co., Ltd 8.2 Shenzhen GEM High-Tech Co., Ltd 8.3 Sound Environmental Resources Co., Ltd 8.4 Tianjin TEDA Environmental Protection Co., Ltd 8.5 Shanghai Chengtou Holdings Co., Ltd Enquire about report:

  7. Contact Us Report Overview Deep Joshi, 5933 NE Win Sivers Drive, #205, Portland, OR 97220 United States Direct: +1 (617) 674–4143 Toll Free: +1 (855) 711–1555 Fax: +1 (855) 550–5975 Email: Web: Blog:  7.7 DSM     7.7.1 Company Overview     7.7.2 Company Snapshot     7.7.3 Business performance     7.7.4 Strategic moves and developments     7.7.5 Swot analysis of DSM  7.8 Novus International, Inc.     7.8.1 Company Overview     7.8.2 Company Snapshot     7.8.3 Strategic moves and developments Principal Strategies: Product Launch Other Strategies     7.8.4 Swot analysis of Novus International  7.9 Nutreco N.V     7.9.1 Company Overview     7.9.2 Company Snapshot     7.9.3 Business performance