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Construction Equipment Tracking PowerPoint Presentation
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Construction Equipment Tracking

Construction Equipment Tracking

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Construction Equipment Tracking

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  1. Connected Equipment in Motion Building a More Intelligent Jobsite Whether you are a contractor, OEM or rental company, real-time end-to-end visibility lets you respond and adapt to current and future situations. Telematics unlocks the power of your heavy construction fmeet through instant data on location, utilization and condition status. You gain access to actual usage data by jobsite for better job costing and project bids. CalAmp iOn™ powers intelligent decisions about your operations by connecting the office to the jobsite. It keeps your performance at its peak under all conditions.

  2. Save Project Time and Expenses Find and Supervise Heavy Construction Equipment Remotely /Visibility of Equipment /Real-Time Alert Notifications Save time by locating assets and their current condition quickly regardless if the fmeet is out in the fjeld on large and multiple jobsites or sitting on your lot. One Midwest contractor implemented telematics to save time and money by eliminating its manual daily equipment check where equipment was often missed and condition status was estimated. Learn quickly about events and exceptions such as ignition on/ofg or upcoming maintenance. As it happens information lets you react to a situation as needed. Companies fjnd alerts useful when assets enter or leave a work zone so they can monitor arrivals, departures and unauthorized use. /Geofences & Maps /Reporting & Historical Data Displays a map of the current locations of your assets to view status, problems and opportunities. Defjne locations for alerts and reporting around your yard or jobsite. Monitor fmeet activity, events and locations visited and replay a visual illustration on the map where a vehicle has been. Make informed project bids using AEMP and actual jobsite performance data. 2 CalAmp iOn for Construction

  3. Work Towards Peak Performance Use Data to Better Manage Your Resources Balance Your Fleet Account for Your Equipment Review reports to ensure your assets are being used where and when you need them most. Uncover if equipment is being over or under utilized. Save time and money by knowing the location, availability and accessibility of your inventory. One large rental company prepared their 1000’s of generators before hurricane season by testing weekly and reviewing the report. They were able to identify potential issues before losing a rental opportunity. Make Operational Decisions Anticipate Maintenance Needs Use the information to identify productivity patterns and improvement areas. Integrating telematics data with accounting or project management software can provide a view of estimated costs vs. actual and identify variances. Schedule repairs and upkeep based on actual usage not guesstimates. Anticpating maintenance helps you plan projects around it, reduce breakdowns and minimize costs. CalAmp iOn for Construction 3

  4. Staying In Motion Requires Smart Architecture CalAmp iOn™ for Construction – Connectivity for Intelligent Jobsites Use IoT technology to monitor and manage your fmeet on the lot or in the fjeld. Gain maximum visibility and control with a powerful ecosystem of solutions. • 360° view of assets, operators and job data • Real-time alerts to isolate specifjc conditions • Integration with backoffjce and rental management systems CalAmp iOn for Construction 4

  5. About CalAmp CalAmp (Nasdaq: CAMP) is a technology solutions pioneer leading transformation in a global connected economy. We help reinvent businesses and improve lives around the globe with technology solutions that streamline complex IoT deployments and bring intelligence to the edge. Our software applications, scalable cloud services, and intelligent devices collect and assess business-critical data from mobile assets, cargo, companies, cities and people. We call this The New How, powering autonomous IoT interaction, facilitating effjcient decision making, optimizing resource utilization, and improving road safety. CalAmp is headquartered in Irvine, California and has been publicly traded since 1983. LoJack is a brand of CalAmp. For more information, visit, or LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or CalAmp Blog. © 2019 CalAmp. All specifjcations are typical and subject to change without notice. iOnConstructionQ120SBV1 CalAmp 15635 Alton Parkway, Ste 250 Irvine, CA 92618 888.3CALAMP