dressta construction equipment n.
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  1. DRESSTA CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT Background and History January 2013

  2. American origins of Dressta begin with International Harvester Company, established 1902 • 1902 International Harvester Company (IHC) established • 1931 First IHC Crawler Tractor powered by diesel engine labeled ‘TD’ • 1946 Opening of the construction equipment plant in Melrose Park, IL • 1957-1961 Huge investments in the construction equipment business; product line extension by scrapers, haulers, wheel dozers • Late 1960s Expansion in Europe – opening of the plants in Germany and UK 1932 IHC Tractor

  3. In Poland the production of construction equipment at HSW begun in late 60s and early 70s • 1938 Metallurgical and Mechanical factory, named the Southern Plant, begins operation in Stalowa Wola, focusing on military production • 1939-1944 German occupation • 1948 The Southern Plant is renamed to Huta Stalowa Wola (HSW) • 1950s and 1960s Production of high quality steel and military equipment for the Polish Army. Searching for other product lines in agriculture, mining and construction equipment • 1966-1972 HSW signs cooperation and license agreements with leading construction equipment manufacturers: Jones Cranes,Clark Equipment, Stetter and Coles Cranes 1939 Production for Polish Army

  4. In 1972 a Cooperation and License Agreement is signed between International Harvester Company and HSW Main Goals • HSW buys the license and the know-how for IH crawler dozers, crawler loaders and pipelayers • HSW sells machines with IH trademark to the IH distribution network worldwide • IH gets a new market for components and machines in Central Europe and Soviet Union

  5. First licensed machines manufactured at HSW in 1973 1973 First TD-15C Crawler Dozer (140 HP) 1973 First 175C Crawler Loader (140 HP)

  6. First licensed machines manufactured at HSW in 1974-75 1974 TD-25C Crawler Dozers (285 HP) 1975 TD-25CSPipelayer (285 HP)

  7. 1977 IH Trademark Approval Certificate • IH Trademark granted for TD-15C crawler dozer and 175C crawler loader manufactured in HSW

  8. Breakthrough machines introduced in 1977 and 1979 1977 First TD-20E Crawler Dozer (200 HP) The first modular designed crawler dozer in the world 1979 The largest TD-40 Crawler Dozer (450 HP) assembled by HSW First machine designed by Polish and American engineers

  9. Reasons for Success • Identical versions of machines manufactured in parallel in the U.S. and in Poland • Access to high quality components from the U.S. like engines, torque converters, bearings, hydraulic and electric components • Same quality, same engineering and manufacturing standards and procedures • Close cooperation of the U.S. and Polish engineering and technical production teams

  10. In 1982 a Cooperation Agreement is signed between Dresser and HSW • DRESSER becomes new owner of IH Construction Equipment Division • HSW was granted an order of 480 machines for DRESSER distribution • The new TD-40B Crawler Dozer (520 HP) launched

  11. In 1988 a Joint Venture – Komatsu Dresser, becomes a new partner of HSW • Komatsu enters into a 50/50 Joint Venture with Dresser industries – formation of Komatsu Dresser • New three small tractors TD-7H,-8H,-9H and three medium tractors TD-12C, TD-12C XP, TD-15E launched at HSW • New licensed wheel loaders 560B, 520C, 515C and 510C launched at HSW

  12. In 1992 Komatsu America becomes a new partner of HSW • Komatsu takes over 100% shares in Komatsu Dresser Co. – Komatsu America International Company (KAIC) becomes a new partner of HSW

  13. In 1995 HSW and Komatsu America form a Joint Venture Company – DRESSTA Co. Ltd. Main Goals • HSW through DRESSTA takes over the DRESSER distribution network in Latin America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa • DRESSTA takes over the DRESSER trademark and logo • DRESSTA takes over the Conequipco Company in Singapore and the Miami Rep Office • DRESSTA supports HSW in R&D programs • KOMATSU AMERICA gains in DRESSTA a reliable organization responsible for the execution of their machine orders, product support and quality control

  14. In 1999 DRESSTA Trademark and Logo replace DRESSER DRESSTA trademark is a composition of design elements specific for Dressta machines i.e. dozers and loaders = SER + LOWA WOLA

  15. February 2005the Komatsu-HSW Cooperation Agreement expires • HSW becomes an exclusive manufacturer of the crawler dozers, pipelayers and wheel loaders originated by International Harvester and DRESSER • DRESSTA Co. Ltd. becomes an exclusive exporter of this construction equipment to worldwide markets • HSW becomes a 100% owner of Dressta Co. Ltd.

  16. While our roots are deeply embedded in the American heartland, DRESSTA is truly a world class organization The DRESSTA brand is known for a robust and long-life operation all over the world

  17. February 2012Guangxi LiuGong Machinery takes over HSW Div. I and DRESSTA • January 10, 2012 – Signing of the Conditional Agreement • January 30, 2012 – Signing of the Final Agreement Planned • February 1, 2012 – Take-over of HSW Div. I and DRESSTA by Guangxi LiuGong Machinery