why patient history is important for hair transplant n.
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Why Patient History is Important for Hair Transplant PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Patient History is Important for Hair Transplant

Why Patient History is Important for Hair Transplant

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Why Patient History is Important for Hair Transplant

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  1. Why Patient History is Important for Hair Transplant Dr Anand Kumar Nagwani M.M.B.S., M.S., M.Ch. (Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery) CALCUTTA COSMO AID COSMETIC AND HAIR TRANSPLANT CLINIC

  2. History of Hair Fall In order to get a successful Hair Transplant you need to know your family history and medical history thoroughly. While preparing for hair transplant in Kolkata, you need to make sure that you are providing detail and truthful information to your surgeon.Believe it or not, this is as important as after care. With the proper information only, surgeons can determine the proper method and medication. Please have a look at the following needed information before plan yours.

  3. History of Hair Fall It is very important to know duration of hair fall. Recent hair fall Sudden hair fall Stable hair fall and baldness That will give us idea for right time of hair transplant.

  4. Personal History History of smoking - frequency Tobacco in any form Alcoholic Any other addiction Traction alopecia Harsh Styling Stress Unhealthy nutrient deficient diet

  5. History of Any Medication Use of steroids Any immunosuppressant medication Any home remedies Shampoo lotions

  6. Illness History Any history of long term disease Liver disease Kidney disease Heart disease Thyroid disease Diabetic problems Autoimmune disorder Local trauma/burn to scalp Hormonal fluctuations

  7. Family History It is very important to ask details of family both side maternal and paternal. Family tree

  8. History of Surgery Recent or Past Hair transplant Recent or Past any other surgery

  9. History Rel0ated to Other Systems History of respiratory disorder Breathlessness on resting or exertion Daily body activity- (Sedentary or active life style) Gastric problems Neurological problems Mental stability

  10. History of Allergy Allergy to any medicine Allergy to any food items Allergy to cloths Any other specify

  11. Thanks for THE time