how order taking services grow of your business n.
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Order Taking Service

Order Taking Service

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Order Taking Service

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  1. How Order Taking Services Grow of your Business Your order taking services can be large, small, or complex, but outsourcing order taking service ensures that sales of your product would be streamlined. Call2customer provide customized answering services for both basic and advanced order entry services to maximize up selling of your product. We provide best order taking services for growth of your business. •Professional Staff: - Customer prefers to directly communicate to live operator to acquire information, clear doubts and confirm specifications before placing an order. Well trained and competent agent give them confidence to invest in product and helps to convert phone calls into concrete sales. Call2customer has order entry specialists that can professionally handle all your order entry needs. Our agents help in providing personal and professional service to your customer. •Stat-to-art technology: - Call2customer has invested in advanced technology and software to provide best services to your customer to help you boost your sales all without requiring you to increase staff levels. We are able to handle unpredictable volumes whether it is low or high. If you will build in-house order taking team of professionals you will waste a considerable amount on overhead paying them to do nothing. We provide services at reasonable rate with flexible pricing structure. You will have to pay only for the work we have done for you. •Open 24 hours helps: - Call2customer provide inbound contact center services globally. We are open 24/7 –even on holidays, our agents work answering the telephone every day of the year to sell your product to the world at any time. We provide true customer satisfaction by taking care of each client. These days, consumers are apt to place orders late at night, on weekends. When customer need someone‘s help they would get right at any time. To promote

  2. consistent profits, you need to be able to take advantage of every opportunity without loosing even a single client. What We Can Offer You: •Up-sells & Cross-Sells •Credit Card Processing •Lower staffing costs •Increased profits •Application •Order fulfillment •Subscription services •Claims processing •Feedback collection •24x7 Coverage Call2customer order taking services help to reduce overhead and enhance efficiency of our business. Our customized and streamlined services will help to provide the peace of mind by reducing our burden of missing customer or order not taken properly. We have right combination of software and staff to provide you error free services. Your every customer will be given prompt and courteous services.