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Industrial Chemical Manufacturers In India PowerPoint Presentation
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Industrial Chemical Manufacturers In India

Industrial Chemical Manufacturers In India

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Industrial Chemical Manufacturers In India

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  2. Everything you need to know… Though a carpet may look clean at a surface level, there are a lot of dust particles trapped inside the deepest weave of the carpet fabric. Stains become permanent when they’re left unattended to for a long period of time. Regular carpet cleaning helps to avoid permanent staining of your carpet.

  3. Find out why it is so important to clean your carpets! • Improves worker morale - Workers feel better about their work environment when it is clean. • Prevent carpets from harming your health - Carpets can become harmful to your health if they aren’t cleaned regularly. They can attract allergens, spread bacteria and expose you to pollutants. 3) Prevent any permanent stains - Treating stains as soon as you notice them is crucial for the quicker you act, the less time the stain will have to sink into the fibres of the carpet.

  4. How to remove mold from your carpet? • Carpet mold can cause a host of health complications that include wheezing, chronic cough, stuffy nose, itchy eyes or throat irritations. • While sweeping can be an effective method to get rid of surface mold, it cannot reach the deeper crevices of the fiber and eliminate the mold completely. • The best way to get rid of mold is to use a superior quality carpet cleaning product that contains deodorizers to get rid of the odour while getting rid of the mold effectively.

  5. How to remove tar from your carpet? • Road tar is especially durable and specifically made to withstand water and pressure. • However, with the right cleaning products and cleaning methods, it can be removed even from a place as delicate as a carpet. • As soon as you discover the tar stain, scoop up the tar using a knife or a spoon. • Follow it up by using a carpet cleaning solution. This should help to get rid of the stain effectively.

  6. How to remove food and beverage stains  from your carpet? • Discovering a piece of gum stuck on your precious carpet can surely be devastating. But there’s no need to panic. • The right cleaning product can help to eliminate even the most stubborn chewing gum and food and beverage stains. • If you spot a chewing gum stain, gently scrape off the remaining gum from the carpet. • Douse the stain with a carpet cleaning solution, and wash it off after some time.

  7. How to Choose the Best Carpet Cleaning Solution? • Carpet cleaning chemicals with a pH above 7 are on the alkaline side of the pH scale. A cleaner with a pH up to 10 is considered “safe” to use on synthetic carpeting. • Cleaning formulations with a pH above 10 (up to pH 14) can affect the stain resistance of nylon carpet, can cause problems like damaged carpet fibres, colour loss and even avoided carpet warranties. • A carpet cleaner within the 7-10 pH scale range and that can produce effective cleaning results meets the criteria of the best carpet cleaning chemical.

  8. How to use CareClean Carpet Shampoo: • Use 20 ml/L of water for manual cleaning and generate foam. • Apply foam on surface and scrub in a circular motion. • Vacuum dirt and liquid with dry and wet vacuum cleaner. • Can also be used with carpet scrubbers & foam generators for wet application certified carpets. • CareClean is a brand under Megamorph Marketing Pvt. Ltd, India’s first and only certified Green Company for domestic and industrial cleaning products.

  9. Contact Us Address: #7, 29th Main Rd, BTM 2nd Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560076 India Call us: +91-8884672288 Email Id: Website: