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Yeast Expression in Creative BioMart PowerPoint Presentation
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Yeast Expression in Creative BioMart

Yeast Expression in Creative BioMart

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Yeast Expression in Creative BioMart

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  1. Yeast Expression Systems in Creative BioMart —Creative BioMart

  2. As a well-defined and economical eukaryotic expression system for both secretory and intracellular expression, yeast protein expression system is perfectly suitable for large-scale manufacture of recombinant proteins. Creative BioMart has developed yeast expression vectors that are optimized for the efficient production of heterologous proteins. We have also a few strong signal sequences to ensure the highest secretion level.

  3. High yield High productivity Genetics can be easily manipulated Chemically defined media Complex post-translational modifications Stable production strains Durability Ease of scaling up Low protein production cost

  4. At Creative BioMart, our expertise in protein expression extends to both Saccharomyces. cerevisiae and Pichia. pastoris expression systems. Expression of recombinant protein in S. cerevisiae can be done using three types of vectors:

  5. Yeast integrating plasmid Replicating single copy plasmid For integration into genomic locus

  6. Yeast centromeric plasmid Replicating single copy plasmid For complementation studies

  7. Yeast episomal plasmid Replicating multi-copy plasmid For recombinant protein production, multicopy suppression studies, etc.

  8. Saccharomyces. cerevisiae: Full genomic sequence known Well developed genetic methods About 6000 genes A model to other eukaryotes GRAS No toxins Ability to secrete proteins Capacity for post-translational modifications

  9. Besides, methylotrophic Pichia.pastoris is a distinguished system for its growth to very high cell densities, for the available strong and tightly regulated promoters, and for the options to produce gram amounts of recombinant protein per liter of culture. If you're looking for protein production via fed-batch pichia processes, we have the experienced and credentialed staff to move your project forward.

  10. Thanks for watching! Contact Creative BioMart Address: 45-1 Ramsey Road Shirley, NY 11967, USA Email: Website: