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New Jersey Singer Songwriter : Carolyn Marie PowerPoint Presentation
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New Jersey Singer Songwriter : Carolyn Marie

New Jersey Singer Songwriter : Carolyn Marie

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New Jersey Singer Songwriter : Carolyn Marie

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  1. Young New Jersey Singer, Songwriter, Dancer Young New Jersey Singer, Songwriter, Dancer Carolyn Marie Carolyn Marie What is fashion to you? Do you like East Coast music? Are you a music-concert fanatic? Do you love reading blogs? What kind of blogs do you read? Listen! Read! Move! Follow! Carolyn Marie is a multi-talented artist with various talents including her heart capturing lyrics, superbly-energetic dance moves, engaging- informational blogs about fashion, music & lifestyle and of course, her soothing-sweet voice.

  2. Talents Talents As mentioned above, the artist is multi-talented and millions of people love her sense of style and simplicity. People claim to have their hearts stolen after listening to her sweet voice. She writes her own songs and

  3. the lyrics are so simple yet-so-deep that the fans go in a trance state, where everything is calm and peaceful. Her music talents have created a huge fan base, who also loves her for the blogs that she writes. Her blogs vary from fashion to music to lifestyle. In these blogs, she aims to express the true simplicity one should have towards nature, the freedom of fashion and the purity of music. Her mesmerizing words are so much appreciated that people love to interact with her via her blogs. She stays active on social media and also replies to all her fans; building a strong, loyal audience and inspire others to showcase their talents. She says that people confuse costume with fashion, which is one of the major causes of low self-esteem. Fashion is footwear, makeup, body, furniture or clothing i.e. it is not just clothing and accessories. She expresses fashion as everything which looks good on an individual, is comfortable, enhances confidence and boosts the personality. It increases the confidence of the person, which makes him/ her look better and better present them in front of others. It is not something which only the celebrities wear or the big brands promote; it is everything which an individual wears to look better and more comfortable.

  4. The Talent Industry The Talent Industry The talent industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. It comprises of all kinds of performing talents; from singing to dancing to juggling to writing to playing an instrument et-cetera. It is extremely brutal and highly competitive in terms of change and functioning. Talent is always appreciated and if directed towards the right path, success is not very far. Talented individuals say, “Success is just a

  5. hardwork away”, specifying on the need of determination and efforts. It is not easy to become a celebrity and get a loyal fan-base. The New Jersey Singer, Songwriter to interact with her fans via her social media. Success is not far for this 23-year old girl from USA, because her profile shows that she is talented and extremely hard working. New Jersey Singer, Songwriter and performer, Carolyn Marie loves The internet age has brought new ways with it to find or showcase talents. There are several websites and digital portals where one can enquire about artists and book them with the click of a button. Competition has increased due to this also, as the number of platforms to showcase is increasing linearly while the number of talents is increasing exponentially. The industry is not just about people who can sing or dance; rather it includes everyone who are different from others in a unique way; possessing some kind of x-factor in them. This industry exceeds all limits, such as:  It is not age specific  It can be any talent  Hardwork and determination is a must  It requires intense focus

  6.  It is not gender specific  It is different for every individual  There is no single type of talent that is considered better than the other  It is ever changing and welcomes new possibilities  It gives rise to sub-categories and competitions Conclusion Conclusion Showcase with true feelings and confidence to win the world over. If a person has talent, he/ she can portray it in front of everyone. It is a loop i.e. a good performance increases confidence which lets the future performances to get better as well, while a bad performance reduces the confidence, which hamper the quality of the future performances. An artist needs to be true to him/ her about their talent, so that the person is performed for everything. Be true! Perform with confidence!