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Introduction to Dental Implants - Uppal Dental Care, Hayward CA PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to Dental Implants - Uppal Dental Care, Hayward CA

Introduction to Dental Implants - Uppal Dental Care, Hayward CA

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Introduction to Dental Implants - Uppal Dental Care, Hayward CA

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  1. Introduction to Dental Implant Uppal Dental CareHayward ,CA

  2. What is Dental Implant? Dental implantis the procedure where an artificial tooth is fused into your jaw as a replacement to your missing teeth.

  3. Advantages of Dental Implants • Long lasting • Look feel and functions like natural teeth • Firmly fused into your jaw bone, allowing you to easily speak, eat and smile • Restrict your gums from getting decreased • No special care is required as routine and normal oral health care is sufficient

  4. Types of Dental Implants As per American Dental Association there are two types of dental implants which are safe to use

  5. EndostealImplants • The technique involves surgically placing the dental implant directly into the jaw bone. Once gum tissue surrounding the implant heals, a second surgery is performed to connect the post to the original dental implant. Finally, an artificial tooth or teeth is attached to the post

  6. Subperiosteal Implants • In this procedure a dental implant consisting of metal frame is connected onto the jawbone. Once gums heal the frame gets fixed to the jawbone. posts which are attached to the frame extend through the gums

  7. Who is the right candidate for dental implants? • Healthy gums • Should have enough bone to fuse the implant in the jaw • Commitment to take better care of the teeth as directed by the dentist

  8. Some people might not be the right candidate for dental implants • Pregnant women • Heavy smokers and alcohol consumer • People with chronic diseases including uncontrolled diabetes, significant immune deficiencies, emophilia, connective-tissue diseases • If you have taken high-dose of radiation of your head or neck

  9. History and Evolution of Dental Implants • Tooth loss is common problem, from ancient days • The history of dental implant is associated from ancient Egypt • Carved seashells and/or stones were placed into the jaws of humans as a replacement to the missing teeth • In Middle Ages dental implant treatments were performed using allografts and xenografts • Modern dental implant started from World War II (1/2)

  10. (2/2) • Dr. Brånemark, known as the father of modern dental implant discovered Titanium as the metal which could be easily integrated into living tissue • The development of modern ceramics started in early 90's • Today nearly 450,000 osseointegrated dental implants are opted every year • With no compromise to the success rate of 95%, dental implants have proved to be the best replacement to your missing teeth

  11. Future of Dental Implants • Research on dental implant has increased in the recent years, and it is expected to grow in the future • Dental implants need improvement in the use of biomaterials and design of implant so that the outcome of dental implants is long-lasting

  12. Conclusions • With the help of research, dental implants technology have been opted by many people due to its durability, effectiveness, convenience and affordability. • However there is still lot of things which needs to be improved in the field which can enhance the long term success of the dental implant.

  13. We can help you? • Uppal Dental Care, a dental office in Hayward, CA • We specialize in dental implant treatment, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, root canal treatment, Invisalign and many more. • Come to us for all your dental needs

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