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Puppet Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Puppet Training

Puppet Training

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Puppet Training

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  2. Overview About Puppet Nodes classification Resource Types Powering up with puppet 2.6 Installing Puppet Creating Puppet Class Creating Puppet Nodes Using changes with the puppet Puppet manifest are declarations Client and server BESTONLINECOURSESCOUPON.COM

  3. About Puppet Puppet is the configuration tool has the framework of system automation, and it is the open source software written in Ruby. There are many puppet versions available like 0.9.x, 0.10.x-0.21x, etc. Mainly the mayor's versions are not compactable whereas minor versions are compactable BESTONLINECOURSESCOUPON.COM

  4. Nodes classification The puppet master generates the catalog with the list of resources to the clients, and it gets generated based on the puppet code and data. BESTONLINECOURSESCOUPON.COM

  5. Resource Types It is the single unit of configuration composed of type, title, and zero or more arguments. This tutorial has the two series such as Powering up with puppet 2.6 Client and server BESTONLINECOURSESCOUPON.COM

  6. Powering up with puppet 2.6 Server configuration process is the great thing in the IT world. Linux automation Cm tools like puppet and chef, so you can save an enormous amount of time and money that helps to build a reliable and automated infrastructure. BESTONLINECOURSESCOUPON.COM

  7. Installing Puppet  There are some steps to install and run the puppet such as Creating the puppet configuration - The first thing is to build the directory structure and follows the puppet community’s best practices document Starting the puppet master – It has two parts such as a server which listens for connections from clients and tells to manifest Running the puppet client – Everything should be done only by running the client BESTONLINECOURSESCOUPON.COM

  8. Creating Puppet Class  Create the manifest that manages the simple service NTP (Network Time Protocol), this keeps the machine synchronized with the reference service on the internet. BESTONLINECOURSESCOUPON.COM

  9. Creating Puppet Nodes It operates many machines at once, NTP should be applied to the machine for editing the file.  BESTONLINECOURSESCOUPON.COM

  10. Using changes with the puppet When the puppet runs again, the NTP should be installed, and its service should be running. BESTONLINECOURSESCOUPON.COM

  11. Puppet manifest are declarations Puppet manifest is in the form of shell script or Ruby program if the reality differs from the manifest, it takes steps to adjust them. BESTONLINECOURSESCOUPON.COM

  12. Client and Server  Installing servers with Puppet – During the installation process make sure that you are the same version of a puppet on both the Client and Server. Create a client manifest – while this method lists the node and the configuration that the puppet knows. BESTONLINECOURSESCOUPON.COM

  13. Client and Server  Authorizing the client – In this Puppet uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) an encrypted protocol to communicate the process between the master and clients. A puppet server is running as ‘puppet’ and puppet client running as ‘root’ on each managed node. BESTONLINECOURSESCOUPON.COM

  14. Client and Server  Managing packages and services - There are some Managing packages and services available for the process of managing and maintaining The puppet class, they are the containers of resources and have nothing to do with the OPP class. BESTONLINECOURSESCOUPON.COM

  15. Puppet Training 2017 Build Your Manageable Puppet Infrastructure Linkable Link Started With Puppet Learning Puppet BLUE 1B2C58 Puppet Training