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Cleaning For Dummies

Cleaning For Dummies

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Cleaning For Dummies

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  1. Cleaning For Dummies

  2. You don’t have to be a genius to clean your home, that much is true, but sometimes it does pay to put a little thought into how you do it. Haphazardly cleaning your home in a random fashion usually only means that you don’t get the job done efficiently, and some parts of your home get missed if you’re not methodical. Here are a few steps for cleaning your entire home quickly and efficiently: Always begin cleaning at the top of your home, or if you live an apartment or single storey home, then begin at one end and finish at the other. Clean rooms that can be classed as ‘dry’ firstly, such as bedrooms, and then move on to the bathrooms before you begin heading downstairs, or to the opposite end of your home.

  3. Follow your tried and tested methods of cleaning, and use your favourite cleaning solutions, but always remember to dust from the top and move downwards, and do it as thoroughly as time permits, to prevent you from having to do it all over again within a matter of days (or hours depending upon the nature of your household!). If you have stairs, clean them as you move downward. It’s most effective to take a step down and then turn around and clean each step as it faces you, however, if this isn’t safe, then please don’t use this method! Hallways are often the messiest and dirtiest dry areas of a home, and so cleaning them before you begin carrying grime and dust into the other rooms, makes a whole lot of sense.

  4. That said, depending upon the dimensions of your home, you might not be able to avoid moving along hallways as you go from room to room, so always be prepared to vacuum them quickly once more at the end of your cleaning session. Move into the living and dining rooms and begin dusting from the top and make your way down. Give your cushions a plump, check for debris on furniture and down the sides if you have small children in your home or even messy adults! While you may never look down into the cracks of your furniture, and guests are highly unlikely to, you’ll never feel as if your rooms are truly clean if you miss those spots out. Then vacuum the floor and mop if you have tiles or laminated flooring, always working from the furthest point away towards the door.

  5. Progress downstairs to the bathrooms, clean them from top to toe without skipping areas that might be trickier to clean, but which must be tackled for a truly clean bathroom, such as behind the toilet, the shower screen/curtain, and inside any cabinets. If you have a utility room, clean that last of all before you move on to the kitchen, which should then be the last room in your home and on your cleaning schedule. If you really don’t want to be a dummy when cleaning, why not hire a cleaning service to come in and get it done for you; now that’s a clever tip!

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