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The Right Cleaning Tools For The Right Cleaning Job PowerPoint Presentation
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The Right Cleaning Tools For The Right Cleaning Job

The Right Cleaning Tools For The Right Cleaning Job

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The Right Cleaning Tools For The Right Cleaning Job

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  1. The Right Cleaning Tools For The Right Cleaning Job

  2. Cleaning can be a real chore, but a necessity unless we want to live among filth and grime. However, just because it’s a necessity, doesn’t mean that it should take up much of our time, in fact, most of us want it done and ‘dusted’ as quickly as possible. The first step towards cleaning efficiently so that we can get on with the things we enjoy doing is to know which tools are right for the task. For example, using a feather duster to try and eliminate dust simply makes our task ten times harder, since it serves only to spread the dust from one surface to another. With a soft, damp cloth or microfiber duster, dust can be captured and removed, making the task that much simpler and quicker.

  3. Here is a brief guide to using the right tools for the right cleaning tasks: Don’t hit a wall while cleaning: A vacuum cleaner is the most efficient tool for cleaning walls from top to bottom, provided it has the right attachments to enable you to reach up to the ceiling and work your way down. Sucking up the dust instead of moving it around, the job is carried out far quicker and far more effectively.

  4. Getting down to cleaning baseboards: A damp cloth sprayed with a natural cleaning solution such as lemons and vinegar, or your favorite shop-bought solution, should do the trick when run over your baseboards to eliminate dust and dirt. Tackling trinkets and curios: Make-up brushes or any type of small brush with natural bristles, are perfect for dusting in and around delicate ornaments, trinkets and curios without damaging them. Larger, more solid items can be lightly dusted with a microfiber duster.

  5. Eliminating dust from your electronics: Dust is attracted to electronic items as if they were magnets, and it can quickly begin to make them look unsightly. However, wiping over them with a microfiber cloth and using a soft, long-handled brush to get into the nooks and crannies, should do the trick. Be sure to unplug the items before cleaning and use a vacuum cleaner to suck up dust and dirt from around the cords and vents. Cleaning soft toys: Most soft toys can be popped into a large plastic bag with a cup of baking soda, to help draw out the dirt and dust.

  6. Once the top of the bag is secured, shake it vigorously, and you’ll find that the baking soda and static from the bag will draw out any unpleasant dirt. Then, take each item out and after shaking off the excess baking soda, use a vacuum cleaner attachment to eliminate the soda entirely. Venting your cleaning anger! The soft-brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner works wonders for removing heavy dust from vents, while a damp microfiber cloth applied afterwards, will help pick up any remaining dust and dirt. Some air conditioning filters can be removed and washed in hot, soapy water; be sure to air dry them completely before putting them back.

  7. Don’t go around in circles cleaning ceiling fans: Place a large sheet or some newspaper underneath each fan before grabbing a step stool, climbing up and wiping off the dust with damp paper towels. Then, use a soft-bristled brush dipped into a mild cleanser to wipe the surface again and get it completely clean. With the right tools for the right cleaning job, a few annoying but otherwise straightforward tasks can be completed effectively and with ease. Remember that professional cleaning companies always have the right tools for the right cleaning jobs, so why not use their services instead?

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