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Premium Extruder Gearbox Catalogue PowerPoint Presentation
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Premium Extruder Gearbox Catalogue

Premium Extruder Gearbox Catalogue

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Premium Extruder Gearbox Catalogue

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  1. Leadership in Power Transmission AHEAD OF THE PACK, ALWAYS! AHEAD OF THE PACK, ALWAYS! AHEAD OF THE PACK, ALWAYS! AHEAD OF THE PACK, ALWAYS! “GHE SERIES” - EXTRUDER GEARBOX “GHE SERIES” - EXTRUDER GEARBOX “GHE SERIES” - EXTRUDER GEARBOX “GHE SERIES” - EXTRUDER GEARBOX For Plastic, PVC & Cable Extrusion For Plastic, PVC & Cable Extrusion For Plastic, PVC & Cable Extrusion For Plastic, PVC & Cable Extrusion Ex-Stock Ex-Stock Ex-Stock Early Early Early Delivery Delivery Delivery ? Single Screw Extruder GHE Series - Extruder Gearbox ? Range:Power range upto 250 KW. Reduction ratio upto 25.6/1 ? Applications: Plastic Extrusion, PVC Extrusion & Cable Extrusion

  2. SECTIONAL ARRANGEMENT DESIGN FEATURE The gear units are quite capable to transmit the high torque required for pressurising and plasticising moulding materials and also to absorb the high axial thrust load through built-in spherical roller thrust bearing. The axial bearing housing is standardised to accommodate suitable thrust bearings and corresponding output shafts with key are splined. Sizes available from 112mm to 355mm center distance Gears and Pinions: Helical gears and pinions are manufactured from high quality alloy case THRUST BEARING DATA hardening steel. Case hardened surface with softer core provides improved Load Unit Applicability wear resistance and fatigue strength. Flank ground gears to precision grade Thrust Rating Bearing C ensure high standard of accuracy, long life and quiet running characteristics. Size 112 125 140 160 180 200 225 250 (kN) Gear cases: 29412E 345 High quality, uni-cast close-grained cast iron casing accommodates bearings 29413E 397 and gear trains. Units are designed in double reduction version with separate 29414E 449 thrust bearing housing to carry different spherical thrust bearings. The units 29415E 518 upto sizes 160 are in unicast housing and above 160 are in horizontally split 29416E 575 29417E 633 housing. Case design has been computer optimised on CAD work station to 29418E 702 provide strengthening ribs and minimize vibrations. They have optimal wall 29420E 863 thickness in critical load carrying areas. Inspection covers are provided for 29422E 1010 viewing gear contacts. Oil level/dipsticks, ventilators and drain plugs are fitted. 29424E 1170 Bearing: 29426E 1380 Renowned roller bearings from major manufacturers are used throughout. 29428E 1400 The thrust bearing is of self-aligned spherical roller type. The bearings 29430E 1610 selected have ample capacity to support combined radial and thrust loads. 29432E 1790 Shafting: 29434E 2020 Input shaft integral with pinion is machined from case-hardening alloy steel. 29436E 2250 Direct hardening steel is used for hollow output shaft. Cylindrical seats for 29438E 2480 bearings, wheels, seals, couplings. etc. are finished by precision grinding. Fitment dimensions towards specific screw shaft requirement must be SHIPPING SPECIFICATION AND OIL QUANTITY addressed during placement of order. Net Weight and Gross Weight (in bracket ) in kg (approx.) Thrust Bearing Shaft Seals: Size 112 125 140 160 180 200 225 250 Shaft extensions are fitted with spring-loaded high quality Viton type rubber 29412E 85/95 seals to prevent outflow of oil. 29413E 89/99 External Dimensions: 108/125 29414E 94/103 Centre Distances are chosen from ISO preferred number series. 113/120 29415E Shaft Extensions and hollow output shaft bores are to ISO metric standards. 200/225 120/138 29416E All fasteners are metric. 204/228 29417E 210/235 Lubrication: 29418E 274/307 29420E 281/314 Lubrication of gears and bearings is entirely self-contained by 'Splash', which 322/362 29422E 289/323 329/371 provides ample and positive flow of oil resulting minimum wear and noise. 29424E 433/488 337/375 Cast trays inside the case guide churned lubricants towards the bearings. 29426E 439/494 348/388 Holes connecting the thrust bearing housing and oil sump ensures 574/634 29428E 447/502 continuous circulation of oil flowing through the spherical roller thrust 581/641 29430E 454/509 bearing at the output end. Recommended oil is of viscosity grade ISO:VG-320 590/650 29432E 812/892 with EP additives. No special care is required except occasional topping up of 602/662 29434E 832/912 the oil. It is not advisable to mix two equivalent brands of oil. 29436E 851/931 Cooling: 29438E 872/952 As a standard feature, units have provisions for fitment of cooling water coil Oil Capacities in Litres (approx.) at the bottom of oil sump either at front or rear end. Mounting Direction of Rotation: 112 125 140 160 180 200 225 250 Unit may be operated in either direction of rotation. Horizontal 5 6 7 11 15 20 27 35 Vertical 6 7 8 13 16 22 30 38 Product Quality: Unit are manufactured under a stringent quality system certified to ISO:9001 RECOMMENDED LUBRICANT guaranteeing uniformly high standard. Painting: Recommended Lubricant ISO Vg320 Casting surfaces are painted with linear epoxy primer both internally and BRAND GRADE externally. External cast faces are finally finished with alkyde semi-gloss blue Greaves Greaves Traxol 32 paint. It is resistant to dilute acids and alkalis, oils and solvents, sea water and temperatures upto 1400C. Bharat Petroleum Cabol 320 or Amocam 320 Preservation/Protection Castrol Alpha ZN 320 'Premium' Extruder gear units are dispatched without oil. Prior to dispatch Gulf Harmony 320 they are test run with a rust preventative oil assuring adequate protection to internal parts for a period of 6 months, covering normal transport and Hindustan Petroleum Enklo 320 covered storage. Indian Oil Servomesh SP 320 Note: Where gears units are to operate in abnormal conditions or where Veedol Avalon 320 they are to stand for long period without running e.g. in plant installation, 'PETL' (Premium Energy Transmission Ltd.) must be notified so that suitable Esso Petroleum Co. Ltd. Sparton EP 320 protective arrangement can be made. Shell Group Omala Oil 320 As improvement in design are being made, this specification is not to be Balmer Lawrie Protomac SP 320 regarded as binding in details and drawings and capacities are subject to alterations without notice. Certified drawing would be sent on request.

  3. DIMENSIONS Dimension upto cooling coil Socket head All Dimensions are in millimeters. *Dimensions shown in italics correspond to nominal reduction ratio of upto 10.3/1 as applicable. Upto size 160, unicast housing; 180 and above, horizontally split housing. For Output shaft and thrust bearing housing details refer to table of “Thrust Housing and Output Shaft”.

  4. THRUST HOUSING AND OUTPUT SHAFT Thrust Bearing Housing Output Shaft Thrust Unit Bearing Size All Dimensions are in millimeters.


  6. STD. SOLID FOOT WORM GEAR BOXES ALM/ALW ALTRA WORM GEAR BOXES Range Range Power range upto 350 KW From 0.06 KW upto 7.5 KW. Ratio range Reduction Ratio range 5/1 to 4900/1 from 7.5/1 upto 100/1 Case hardened and profile ground Applications screwed threads meshing with smoothly Converyors, Packaging, Loading, Automation finished bronze wheel to transmit torque at Right angle. ,USA Couplings & Torque Limiters HELICAL/BEVEL GEARBOX Lim e u q it cC i r e Case hardened & Profile ground Steel u o p C r o r m e l u o in r a pl o T s g e Gears with inclined tooth to transmit the t i s n G s a l E g torque between parallel shafts with s minimum noise. Range Power range upto 5500 KW Reduction Ratio range upto 650/1 EV00273 Series 320 EA00172 POWERBUILD Super A Series POWER BUILD LIMITED Inline Helical Reducer Foot Mounted Reducer Inline Helical Geared Motors Flange Mounted Reducer Inline Helical Range 0.18KW to 11Kw Reducer STD. LT MOTORS 0.18KW TO 355 KW FROM 63 TO 355 FRAME Motors, Drives & Automation FLAME PROOF MOTORS 0.18KW TO 15 KW AC Drives, DC Drives & Automation Control Panel EFF1 MOTORS FROM 71 TO 160 FRAME IE2 MOTORS Authorised Channel Partner CHUGH BROTHERS PVT. LTD. (The gears & motion control engineers) 2F - 305, Janak Palace, DDA Building - II, (Above McDonald's), District Centre, Janak Puri, New Delhi - 110058 (India) Tel: +91 11 25593284/5, 25623961/2, 25613961/2 Mob: +91 9971004052/55