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High Pressure Cleaners

High Pressure Cleaners

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High Pressure Cleaners

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  1. High Pressure Cleaners Effective & Water Saving By Comac India

  2. History of Pressure Washers • Pressure washers are commonly used to clean roads, public squares and buildings. In agriculture they play their part in maintaining vehicles and machinery. In the motor vehicle industry, they are used for washing engines, underbodies and small parts. • High pressure cleaners are often found in areas where hygiene is particularly important like swimming pools, medical facilities or in food and beverage industry operations.

  3. High Pressure Washer Features • Even stubborn dirt can be removed with the right combination of pressure, water volume, temperature and detergent. • The high pressure jet reaches areas that are difficult to access, and adapts to irregular surfaces. • Dirt and germs are not spread because cleaning is done without contact.

  4. Hot & Cold Water Pressure Cleaners • Both cold and hot water pressure washing are used depending upon the requirement. • A lot of dirt can reliably be removed with cold water. Detergents can also accelerate the process, or improve results. • Hot water is advantageous when removing oil, fats and proteins – particularly when they are already encrusted.

  5. Saving Water With Pressure Washers • A high cleaning effect also requires high water flow volume. High performance machines operate at around 1,000 liters per hour whereas with standard water hose the flow rate is up to 3,500 liters per hour. • Many machines can also be operated with recycled water. This is particularly effective when used at gantry car washes etc. Water recycling systems can be installed, saving up to 98% of fresh water at comparatively low investment.

  6. Hot Water Washers Advantages • The same cleaning result with a lower impact pressure. • Improved cleaning results with the same impact pressure. • Stubborn dirt can be tackled more quickly and effectively with hot water machines. • Oils, fats or encrusted deposits melt away with the heat, and are easier to remove more thoroughly. • A major advantage of using hot water pressure washers is the faster drying time.

  7. Contact Details Comac India Pvt. Ltd. DLF Tower A, Suite No. 919-920, 9th Floor, Jasola District Centre, New Delhi-110025, India Tel. 011 41867700 (30 Lines) Toll Free- 18001039164 E-mail: Visit us at: Thank You!!